Has It Been THAT Long Already? My Thoughts On SMOKE.io

7 months ago

It has been 70 days... 10 weeks (ten Mondays) and I'm just hovering below the 1000 posts (combined posts and comments), inching my way to an organic account amount of 10,000 SMOKE POWER (I should reach it by the end of today) and hundreds of followers. I have voted for 21 witnesses on the platform (and love all that they are accomplishing to keeping this platform going) and I've expanded my grow room tremendously and my cannabis growing skills by leaps and bounds since joining.

Being part of this community has really given me more happiness and freedom about sharing my grows, edibles, recipes and even my knowledge (although I have a LONG way to go still).

September 24 2018 was the day that changed my cannabis growing life!

That was the day that I saw brianphobos from Weku posting about SMOKE.io on the same platform.

A platform for cannabis? Can this be real?

Ahhh, yes little grasshopper, it's for real!


Kush 'N Cheese from my last harvest. All cured and ready!

So Where Am I?


Well thanks to the fabulous @chronocrypto witness and his smoked.online website, we can see, in real time, how our own page is growing! KUDOS my man!

AND let's not forget the Weed Tube evolution!. A perfect place to see other growers at work, to share your own grows and information and to also promote SMOKE.io. While I have set up an account there (mainly to save my username until I am ready to start video-taping and posting), I have been cruising around the other members there and am enjoying the videos I have seen so far. I'm hoping to spend some more time there over the next few days and weeks.

Plus this morning I woke up to some new changes happening on the platform, including the customized search box (YAY!) and more. To see these changes, check out @smokenetwork's latest post with the updates.

Being a member here has allowed me to spread my wings not only with my love for writing and blogging, but also for becoming more creative with my recipes and edibles.I have been able to share my grow room and tent expansion with people who really are interested. I've been able to, as I said a moment ago, have the freedom of showing off my pretty ladies in all their trichome glory and not be ridiculed or shamed by people who are not pro-cannabis. Ahhh, glory be the freedom SMOKE.io allows us all!

I'm actually working on a post for later today with my first ever review of my own grow. YES! I am reviewing my own grow of the San Fernando Valley OG. I was suffering from nausea again over the weekend and I whipped out the SFV-OG to settle down and prevent another full blown episode... wait until you see what happened!


So for the moment, I will leave you with this Nug Porn of my OG Kush from my latest harvest before I trimmed. ENJOY!





Image Banner by @mrspacely

smoke banner1.png

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I love how your OG Kush looks like.... wishing I could start growing now, I have the seeds but can´t grow because we are not in our homebase... I have to wait til winter is over then I´ll start growing. I learned a lot from your post... so I will surely apply them all.... thanks for all your informative blogs.... cheers!


Thank you! I do tend to go _over board_when it comes to my girls. I like the hands-on approach and when the crop is done,I can see all my hard work in the images, when consuming cannabis and when others praise my work.

Definitely the number 1 content creator on this site right now. You always get my vote. :)


Ohhh! Thank you!! I am a journalist first, grower second (they do tend to flip-flop on any given day) but I am loving being able to share my stories, growing history and adventures here.

I look forward to seeing you and others commenting, interacting and sharing. As soon as I wake up every day... right after coffee has been poured, I hit the laptop. I need my SMOKE fix (no pun intended)- lol

Your OG kush looks fantastic! Looking forward to finding out how the San Fernando Valley OG helped with your nausea! Smoke on!!


Yeah, the OG Kush does look good in this image. I have yet to try this crop of it... yet.
Hoping to get the review up later today

If you need a second reviewer I am so ready for a weekend getaway...lol I laugh but I am kind of serious. LOL


OMGOsh!! I would love to have you head north here and sample some!
I swear one of these days we're gonna make it happen!

How's the pain level today?


Good but I am sick and discovered the tincture helps with congestion so I been on it every 6 hours or so.My chest feels like a cat is laying on it but I can breathe easy through my nose. And normally when I get this I can't breathe well through my nose due to stuffiness.


OH no! I tell ya... this time of year is horrible for upper respiratory infections, colds and the flu.

Message me on Discord!!

I really appreciate all of your posts. Hope you get well soon from nausea diseases.


Thank you! So far, so good. Nausea has subsided

Good work. Keep it up.

Hard not to smile and get excited for the future after reading your post.

Smoke to the moon!



Oh please do stick around.I can see so much happening on the platform; especially with all the new laws being passed in the US, Canada and other countries legalziing cannabis.

I'm glad you're really shooting up as a star here, you definitely put a lot of work into your posts and it shows, also your passion for your plants. We only need to usher in more of a crowd.


I agree! We need to keep growing in a positive way; bringing in serious growers, knowlegde-able people and more.

I am hoping the people who use, grow and consume but don't care for writing and blogging will start coming for "The Weed Tube" connection.

Great post. Yeah I sure am glad I found this place when I did. Hopefully we can spread the word and Smoke.io can help make Cannibis Legal all over the World.


I sure am glad I found this place when I did

Ditto!! I was feeling a little overwhelmed with posting on other platforms and not getting the feedback I was craving. But on SMOKE, I get the feedback, have grown my online visibility and have met some awesome like-minded people.

Loving those buds of yours. They look amazing. Self grown is always the best. Not always the option but what you get is the best cause you grew it.

I'd be turning on to your page as my reference when the time comes that I'd be able to grow one. Keep on!

Really nice buds


i wanna taste that weed :B

very good post

So far so good, you have been an inspiration to me. Am happy for you. Keep up the good work.

It was a great ride for now, let us see what the future brings


I'm forever the optimistic gal in the crowd. I always try to see the best way to get to the next level and I'm hoping over the next six months to a year we see an HUGE (and positive) increase in members using the platform.

So far I am really thrilled with the absence of too much spam content and comments. Sure we have some... you can never have 100%-spam-free living but this is as good as it gets for now.