Autumn-Like Saturday: College Football, Our Newest Addition & Working In The Grow Room

10 days ago

This is my favorite time of the year... football season HAS arrived, yummy comfort food cooking on the stove (today it's chili!) and I can envelop myself inside the grow room while the cool weather ushers in winter.

In my haste earlier this week to start posting again, I had forgotten to share some close-up images from my current harvest.

Today Is Cold Outside! College Football Day & Our Newest Addition

I'm about ready to kick on the furnace to take the chill off of the day... pretty sad when our 11 week old black lab (Lexi) is shivering at my feet as I work on the laptop before college football kick-off.


The day we brought her home over Labor Day weekend.


Three weeks ago.


This past week.

Just look at how much she has already changed!

I have to admit, I was unsure about getting a puppy since we have an older dog (9 years old, OCD beyond words and set in her ways), but getting this little gal (Lexi) has done wonders for not only letting our adult dog become more like a puppy herself, but this little fur-ball has helped get me out of my funk.

lexi car.jpg

First vet visit three weeks ago. Puppy In A Box!

So I have a few hours before the noon kick-off and I have some cleaning to do in the grow room. I need to get things organized in there, make up more nutrients for my girls and get my record chart and sheet up to date. Plus I promised hubby a nice pot of chili for lunch... HAVE a great Saturday all!


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She is so cute, Good luck with the lab haha we have a lab mix and she was a super hyper puppy but now she is so calm and laid back.

On the furnace thing I hear you I have debated turning mine on today to take the chill out as we got down to 2c last night and the frost is coming.


Yes... she is on hyper overdrive! But she keeps our adult dog going.

Frost expected here in next week. I'm dreading winter.


Frost is here in Eastern Ontario..... no turning back. Snow is on the way.

So cute! She reminds me of our dog, Frankie. He was with us for 14 long years. He goes wherever I go. One day, I took a bus and the conductor asked me as to whether that big black dog underneath my chair was mine. I was forced to alight the bus! lol. Well, she has nohing to turn to but you. Maybe God created the dog to be man's best friend. Nice harvest too.

Omg, why do all the animals that are small and young have to be so cute?


Cute but highly mischievous!!


His job is done. Cute and nougty. Now you have to do your part.