A Day In The Life Of A Cannabis Grower

8 months ago

Most people who work a typical 9-5 job (even though they may actually work different shifts and hours; just using this as a reference for working outside the home) have a schedule. They have deadlines. They have tasks and jobs that need to be done in their normal workday.

But what about me? I don't have a boss, so to speak. I don't have anyone over my shoulder, breathing down my neck demanding I finish up that spreadsheet or making sure I am working for my money. Nope... but I do have ladies who depend on me and my routine.

So what does a Day In The Life (DITL) of mine look like?

Let's Have A Look!

ogk week8.jpg


This is the time of day when I will mix up a new batch of nutrients, dust the plants and stems with some diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder, spray the plants with Neem Oil if needed, make sure all my spread sheets (I keep track of growth, humidity, temperature, etc) and make sure all my supplies are stocked.

I actually wrote a post last year about how I keep stats of my grows. And I never throw away these sheets; GREAT reference to have on hand

Looking back, instead of trying to remember, is a God-Send some days. When I want to know when I did the lollipopping, or perhaps I needed to know when certain strains where ready for mainlining. I have every little detail readily available.

This is the time of day when I will trim the plants, check for any pests (daylight hours as well as my eyes are more focused early on in the day), water them, move them around the tent, have the oscillating fan giving them exercise and even just some time to inspect every angle over to make sure nothing is amiss.

I water the plants at this time of day religiously every day. I know some people who will dump a half gallon of water/nutrients into the bucket every two or three days, but for me this is when you can get sloppy; and a pest, nutrient deficiency or other abnormality will arise and it will take you a day or two to catch it. Daily watering work best for me as I am home with the ladies all the time and I know every inch of their stem, branches and leaves. Knowing your plants, is having a good crop.

Afternoon & Evening

I don't spend much time in the evening in the grow room, except to make sure lights are working, the ventilation fan is working or my husband wants an update after he gets home from work.

This may be the time that I snap some images of the plants and buds to do a comparison of the week before. It's nice to put the images side-by-side on the laptop screen to see the growth and changes happening.


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