Its been a good week, lets hope for another great on next week!

last year

Hey Smokers! :)

So this week has been great, full of discoveries and completion some goals.

I managed to finish up some tasks ive been dreading to do since the beggining of the year, and most importantly...I got some time to work on my garden setup for 2019🌲

To end the week of today, I got around to transplanting the new babies in their own pots:



I added a thin layer of cut grass on the top soil in each pot to keep it from drying out to fast under the lovely South African sun ^^


This little guy got a head start over the rest, and will be the first one most probably to be transplanted into the new garden(only if it turns out to be a female though)



So what have you been up to this week? I hope it was as good as mine :)
Lets hope this new week will be just as awesome 😊


Untill next time my friends!
Stay high ;D

#grow #cultivation #cannabis #ilovegardening

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They are coming along nice.

That's a nice amount of plants a got there, I dig it!


Thanks man! :) There will be less once I murder the males though lol


Keep a few males and make some new seeds to give to friends.


very good intentions


I will definitely atleast keep a few :)

wow amazing , babies are growing nicely ^^

Very cool. Gotta love the sun.