Discovering tiny creatures hiding in the garden

last year

Hey guys!

While watering the plants out in the garden today, I found that some of the cannabis seedlings looked a little strange with some leafs bent downwards. Upon closer inspection I noticed that there were spider webs connected to some main leaves, pulling them towards the stem of the plant.


It was not untill I got very close that I noticed these tiny guys made their homes under the cover of the leaves.
They were crawling around alot so it was very difficult to take pictures of them, but here a close up view of them:


I just wish that my camera was a little bit better so I couldve captured a bit more detail on them, right now they look a little blurry in the photos.



Thanks for popping in :) Please feel free to check out my profile on steem here

Stay high ;p

#photo #cannabis #nature

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This is not good sign at all. Them ladies like to stay exclusively among their kind.

Spider mites can devastate a crop if left unchecked, if you don't want to use chemical, carefully remove the crafty little buggers and crush em, but the eggs are likely already laid and they will return.


I thought it was spider mites at first, but after inspecting them for a bit I saw they are just some younglings from another species

Buy a bigger spider & release it?

Uh oh. I how it doesn't mess with your crop.