An Aftenoon at the River

in #life
last year

This happened a long time ago when I was in last year of high school, I had four buddies who just loved to smoke pot I was the odd one out I had never tried it but I usually went wherever these four guys went.

One afternoon we decided to go to the river, we bought some sodas and some bread and off we went. This river is quite small and the place where we used to go was maybe a ten minute walk from the center of town, (the town was small back then), well once we got to the river we sat down ate and drank and my four buddies lighted a few joints.

We where getting ready to swim, when all of a sudden from behind a big rock this older guy stood up, he was the head of the local police department a sergeant. He was an older guy and surprisingly he had been taking a crap behind that stone, none of us saw that one coming, we were scared shitless, especially my four buddies who by this time were high and mighty paranoid. Luckily this guy just looked at us and told us to have a good afternoon.

None of us had that good afternoon though, we were a sea of nerves afterwards, we couldn't even get the nerve to go back to town which we did until it was nightfall.

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aha good story, reminds me of some simpler times..

Welcome to!


Yes that was what it was back then, simpler. Thanks.

lol! Welcome @gduran! I bet that was exactly what he was going for: scaring the shit out of you. Adults are a pain in the ass, really. :D