Music and Smoky Thoughts - Better Catch The Train

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6 months ago


Today I'm sharing a different kind of track for you guys to put on while smoking one. "Better catch the train" by Madson, is a catchy track I clicked on for the title. I like the flow of this song. It's very relaxing.

Enjoy guys.

Better catch the train

The title of the song is kind of poetic. I tried to listen to the lyrics, but like most songs I am very bad at finding out the meaning. So I am going to give my own interpretation on the title "better catch the train". Sometimes in life opportunity presents them to us. It is up to us to find the courage and the strenght to take the steps to take it. Like trains opportunities will come back to us, however whenever we miss one train, we will never know what would happen if we took the train.

The fact that we don't know what would've happen if we caught a particular train could haunt us. So if we find ourselves often wondering this it might be better to catch the train.

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Well i believe opportunities abounds, there's a saying I don't quite buy "what's meant for you will be yours".

What's meant for you cannot and will not be yours if you don't work towards getting it.
Like my friend would say "an opportunity of a lifetime, should be utilized in the lifetime of that opportunity"

I think it's best you catch the train while it's moving because what ever the outcome after catching the train, you'll be a better person.

If it works out well, good. If it doesn't you'd have gotten some form of experience.




Very true

I like your train of thought, Lol, sorry I couldn't resist that one. I think most opportunities are created from within by your beliefs, will, courage and knowledge. Once you have that you are ready for your vehicle to come along and be able to grab it. Bong on bro. :-)


Haha lol