That 1 time and i was hooked..

9 months ago


Hey all.. joining the contest with my first time story. :)

I was 14 and living at home with mum and dad who both smoked the green gunga.
One day while hanging with the neighbour we spoke about how trying weed and what it would be like.

We made a plan to find some to smoke.
I learnt where my mum hides her weed and took a small bud out and walked down the park with my neighbour.
I remember smiling so hard before we smoked it that my cheeks were sore.

We decided to use a black perment marker. It has a metal tube as the pipe and the plastic tip was removed and put in a hole made at the end of the tube to make it a pipe.

1 small chunk off the bud went in. First toke was lots of coffing. 🤭 my neighbour had a puff and instant coffing. 😜 sitting back thinking what is this really going to do to me. Which then turned into how am i ment to go home now like this. we hung at the park that day for a few hours before heading home i tell ya. We got hungry in the end so home it was time to go.

Waving goodbye to my neighbour out the front. Trying not to laugh as i didnt wanna be obvious.

I remember entering the front door to be greeted my mum which said to me. ' you smell nice. Why are your eyes red?'
My come back was 'im tired and hungry'

All i remember after that was my mum laughing. Calling my dad to tell him the funny news she had.

After she calmed down and i was laying in bed.. yes i went and layed in bed to make it more believeable. But i was caught anyways as both my parent gave me a talking to at dinner.

Funny thing was that i wasnt in trouble for smoking weed or trying it but i was in trouble for smoking it outta home.
From that day forward i have smoked weed most weekends with my mum and dad. Always a good bonding seshion 😁


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Yeah I had that talk with my kids before they started smoking because it is illegal here I told them if they were gonna smoke do it inside. Or in secluded places outdoors if you are taking outside. Mine would have been in trouble for that too. Good parenting on their part.


Yes i totally agree. :)