Healthy roots for planting

in #life
8 months ago

Hey peoples.

Today my babies are ready to move into some soil as they have enough roots to get cranking.. happy days 😁




Now all the chores are done and the babies are happy and watered in there new homes. Its time to medicate.

Today im enjoying some super iced grapefruit to smoke. Great taste and an awesome buzz.



After all that excitment and a few cones i was starving so i made burgers for the family. Went down great with a cold lemonade 😎


Remember to be kind and puff on peoples 😁😃

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Wow, your babies have developed very nice roots... I am sure, it will grow so fast. How long did you wait til the roots became like this one in your photo?


That is day 9 after doing the cuttings. Used rooting powder for some extra help 😊.

Very white, very healthy. They should be booming soon.


Thats the plan 😊