Can your country law allow you to display Marijuana on the street?

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2 years ago

Why i ask this question is because i knew that Marijuana is illegal in some countries and what make this woman on this picture below display marijuana leaf on the street that means Marijuana is legal in their country, because in my country here Marijuana is illegal but let me hear from you if your country law allow you to display Marijuana on the street.

Screenshot (14).png

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This is an interesting concept, and the answer is "NO"

...for instance, alcohol is legal, but you would never see someone at a flea market setting up a vendor stand with every type of alcohol available.

Apples are available to be eaten for recreational use, and yes, you do see apples this way. But that is because they are for all-ages no restriction.

....but it really seems interesting to me, how the poorer countries, seem to have more sociably acceptable ways of dealing with each other.

Which country can you openly display marijuana on the street? Where id this photo come from?


Wow... You are right. But you know am also asking the same question.