Received a Kief Box for Christmas from a Friend

8 months ago

This Holiday season has been a little strange for me, and most of my time has been spent preparing low-impact tie dyes on organic t-shirts, however in the midst of it all, one of my close friends gifted me a keif box! The brand that makes this box is called Buddies.


I have always wanted one of these, but have never actually had the chance to own one. Please enjoy the following video where I display and demonstrate the features of this box, and take a nice combo dab of some heavenly cannabis concentrate (Chinook Haze & Jedi-Surprise). The two strains of flower I ended up placing in the box were Tree of Life & Flow Purple-Erkle. Feel free to dab along with me in the video if you are able.

Click pic below to play

Happy Holi-daze everyone

#dabs #strains #video #canna-curate #smoking

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Congratulations, its a great present! The box is nice, would love to get my hands on one like that! Enjoy your present :)


Thank you, I am pretty sure they are available online.

Holy shit dude that box is really nice! Nice looking oil too!


Thanks buddy, I like the box a lot, glad I was gifted this.

Ah that's a nice box, I've only seen the grinders that collect keif - always good to have buds :)


Indeed. I used to envy my friends back on the east coast who had these, now I am one of the proud :-)... and with it on the west coast.

That's a nice holiday Christmas gift for a smoker!


Right, that's what I thought.

Indeed a nice box for storage for your bud.. a god present for a stoner.

Amazing box!