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Hey all SMOKErs I've been on a bit of an absence for the past couple months due to preparing for my daughter. I have accumulated a decent amount of SMOKE and I have no clue about cryptos or were to sell/exchange them or even what its worth! Google tells me 1 smoke is about 10 cents but I don't believe it! Just trying to get some extra funds to get a baby monitor! Here are a few pics of my sweet little angel, Marylin :)20190930_120514.jpg
Just to make this somewhat relevent to the block here's a shot of one of my outdoor Black Sugar plants that's getting the chop soon!

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congrats! :)

They're worth less than that, check here:

Missed your content 👍

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Congrats on your new edition!

No, 1 smoke isn't 10 cents, once upon a time it got there though. I have never sold crypto but I think there is an exchange listed under one of the links in the settings page area. Rudex?

I am sure someone here can help you though.

Congrats on your new addition she is pretty

Congratz to you and your wife. She is beautiful. Take good care of each other :heart:

She's adorable, congratulations again. My son just turned 1 around a week ago - so I definitely feel your struggle.

Regarding the exchange. You could do the old boring way of signing up to Rudex and depositing the SMOKE there to exchange for BTS which you would then exchange for BTC to sell on an exchange like Coinbase for USD.


Make it easy and maybe a bit more fun. Send me your SMOKE, and I'll e-transfer you some cash👌

Get at me on the Smoke Discord if your up to it!


Whats the smoke discord? I'm interested!


CONGRATS! Enjoy her while she is young, they grow up way too quick....