Story time #1 Pork edition 🐖

last year

I was pulled over in northern California few years ago while I was grow medical cannabis, my brother and I where handcuffed to the police car front metal push rack then our shoes removed, then surrounded by 10-12 police " hard to tell # of them because of head lights of car and there flashlights in my eyes" on the side of the road.

My brother is 6'6 280 and I am 6'3 245 and I believe that is why they treated us like a threat, we where 2-6 inches taller and 40-90 pounds bigger then the biggest pig.

They asked for my social security number and told me that state rights don't matter to them. These where federal police imported from the Bible belt. When they couldn't find my trunk button they came to me and demanded me to tell where I moved it to "I didn't move the trunk button" and then when they popped my trunk they saw a trash bag and started to celebrate.

That day they pulled every car over that passed during my encounter, it didn't matter if you where a young, old, white or asian. They illegally pulled everyone over because they knew alot of cannabis is getting smuggled out and they are willing to take risk of harassing everyone if they can get a bust.

All I did was look at my brother and smile.

FYI my bag was full of dirty laundry. 🤣

They searched for 15 minutes and only found a pipe and a gram of flower I lost months ago in my back seat. They try to tell my brother who was driving that they are going to charge him with possession and a DUI because container had seal broken. I laughed at them and said it was mine since I was the passenger, I knew I couldn't get DUI as a passenger. They issued me a ticket and they never turned it in to the government because knew they where in the wrong.

This is common thing that happens when the federal programs don't get check and balanced. In California Constitution sheriffs are only real police, they are voted in by the people as politicians. All other police aka highway patrol and other divisions are hired guns to keep population in check. It is the reason the supreme Court and some judges said police are not there to protect citizens.

Remember police are " law enforcement" and not here to protect you


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At least recently the SCOTUS ruled against search and seizure when there’s nothing else.

Not that it will stop annoying cops from giving people hell but alas they may think twice and save themselves the paper work.

What a story. We all go through those strange police run ins ... that’s life. Mine was at 18 years old and the copper felt my balls up whilst searching me... knowing he’s already got a bust and I didn’t have a clue what to say without it looking like I was making a story to get off the hook ... crazy thing is I did just get off with a warning in the end after mentioning to the office sarge I didn’t think much of the whips little search technique ...

They are not even law enforcers, they break the law more than most people. Their main purpose is to be the muscle for government extortion, plain and simple. Bong on bro. :-)

I liked reading your anecdote really interesting, many do not run with the same luck as you

Federal laws overriding state laws for Cannabis is the dumbest shit. Federally deschedule ASAP!


I want legalization but if laws are written wrong it could be worse for everyone. Legal Pesticide sprayed cannabis is only a step away for corporations. I think decriminalization of cannabis is proper first step.

I hope they enjoyed sifting through those dirty drawers :D

It saddens me that the police have nothing better to do than harass someone over an herb😂 Like are they going to pull over granny Gina for having too much basil? See how ridiculous it is