🍄 Our Canna-Shrooms Trip Report 🙦 Rest on the lake

2 years ago

Hello my Smokey Friends!

Recently, my wife and I went to a mountain lake to relax and eat mushrooms! I’m going to share my impressions of this trip with you now:)

This place is not far from us, so we decided to get there on bicycles, to the same in this place to not get other than on foot or bicycles...
It was in such a deserted place that we were going to enjoy nature, mushrooms and fragrant buds!

Just before the trip, I updated my smoking bowl. The past pipkin has served me for many years, but during this time it has pretty worn out in harsh operating conditions...

For the making of my canna-caps, I use a champagne cork and an aluminum housing from an electronic capacitor!!

simple and reliable:)

Plenty of smoking and swimming, we decided to use our mushrooms. We already have some experience growing psilocybin mushrooms(cubensis and golden teacher), but this was a treat for our friends.

It was the opposite trip!
In our family, I am usually more conscious and I wish more treats, but this time my wife was not enough.
Not to say that she did not experience pleasure, but it happened as I usually did - She wanted more))

Of course, the buds lay smoothly on the mushrooms and in the evening their presence saved us a lot! It was a fragrant Silver Lemon Haze strain that our friend grew, for which he thanks a lot.
Canabbis calmed down the raging fantasy, corrected our appetite, and prepared us well for sleep under the open sky!

Yes, I forgot to mention that we were light-handed going to trip overnight)))
Ie we didn’t carry with us cumbersome sleeping bags and a tent, but just took a couple of ground pad and bedsheet! The shawl of my wife, with whom we covered our faces, saved us from the mosquitos, and the singing of the nightingale and frogs accompanied us all the starry night...

It was a great day out of which we brought to the civilization a lot of great impressions that will inspire and motivate us for a long time!

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UpSmoke & SmokeOn!


#Jah Loves Us!

EverStoned @DreamOn!

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Looks likes good location for relaxing and smoking - the nicest gravity bong i've seen, until I saw the bottom part of the gravity bong I was pondering if the river was going to be used as the bottom part of the the bong :)


I fished out details for my bong from this lake, perhaps that is why they have such an unsightly look)) Bong from garbage!
In this place there is a deep bottom, therefore it was impossible to manage without the bottom part ((
Water for this gravity bong was used precisely from the lake)))

And yes, you are right! It is a great retreat for relaxation and smoking!

What a nice calm spot to smoke... it could only be a nice trippin' you've had , at the same time relaxing! Cheers.


you're righ! its a perfect tripping place!

I love that bud on the Mushroom. Shrooms are some of my person favorite choice. After cannabis. Haven't had some for a while and I miss that chill and laughter in hammocks.


And you also understand the joys of life;))
Nature has given us everything necessary for happiness, there is no need for anything else!


I can think of a few things hahaha but generally yeah. Chill and hammock. 😀

Quite hardcore to sleep out without a tent ! and romantic...


It depends on what climate zone is located ...
We do not have poisonous insects and snakes that could spoil our rest.

Thats what I call a "Day outdoors" ... good job my friend, you guys know how to appreciate life, no doubt! :)

Everything seems so amazing about the whole situation there, the lake, the smoke (nice "little" baggie you got there :)) the mush and of course the company... :)

I am sure you guys had a blast!


You very well and accurately described what happened to us!
I am sure that you yourself have repeatedly been in such situations and also love a similar format of rest!
Good luck to you!


Ohh I can't agree more :)) This is one of my favorite (if not the the most...) formats of rest!

Love everything about it, wouldn't change a thing :)

Good luck to you to my friend, thanks for the share!

i bet you enjoyed the most and your night photos are brilliant too :)


At night, I made only one video!
This was a video of how a plane landed right above us! It was so low, so loud and so bright ...
Some more mushrooms, and I would have thought that it was a UFO)))


man haha!