Lucy and MaryJane - The Best Company for my Birthday Party!

2 years ago

Hello Smokers!

I want to introduce you to the participants of my #party, which is scheduled for the next weekend:))

As you have already noticed in the photo - this is a double dose of Lucy. And good #marijuana #buds to come to themselves smoothly;)
In dollar equivalent, it cost me $ 6.2 for 1 gram of buds and about 43 bucks for 2 at 300 micrograms pure #LSD

Welcome to #Ukraine!

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#Jah Loves Us!

EverStoned @DreamOn!

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I've never actually tried and acid before, but I've heard it's pretty crazy shit! Like crazy good! I've tried shrooms, but it didn't quite give me the desired effect. There was a bit of visual tripping, with a bit of what I could tell was mental tripping as well, but not substantial enough to where I'd consider them "good trips" by any means. Maybe I will have to try some of this instead!

Love the fact that the strips are Rick & Morty! Great show! ;)

The buds look pretty fire too! Hope you enjoy both of these!

Looks dank, man