Piece of Specific Glass for Steaming Has Been Broken

7 months ago


This morning I was about to vaporize a piece of Cannabis that had already passed through the grinder a day before and when I was assembling the hose that is attached to the main piece of glass that connects to the vaporizer, just when I was connecting a part of the piece of glass broke in my hands and is a worrying situation because without that piece of glass the vaporizer is useless.

Then I entered the page of the manufacturer of the vaporizer and the piece costs approximately $29 and that without the shipment that increases the cost, I am in Venezuela and the manufacturer in the U.S. and it is difficult to find that piece or replace it because it has the specific measures, I thought of someone who works with glass to send to manufacture the piece but I think it would come even more expensive, The problem is that with the economic situation so brutal that is living in my country through hyperinflation our economy is complicated and now with the decline in the world Crypto income has decreased exponentially and I find it difficult to acquire the piece at this time, The worst of all is that I have just recently harvested my new plants and one of the best ways in which I taste in more detail is through vaporization, which for those who have had experience with this form of tasting Cannabis is very different from smoking, because it is perceived and better detects the most essential flavor of the buds.


I would like to solve this before December or even before November, I wish I could have some sponsorship or that the same manufacturer could sponsor me in exchange for some promotion that I can do through my writings, telling some of the certain positive experiences with the vaporizer and its use.

The truth is unpredictable because counting on the cost of the piece plus shipping comes in a few dollars and the financial situation at this time is not the best.

I hope I can solve soon if one of the friends and brothers here at Smoke.io comes up with an idea do not hesitate to leave me your opinions.

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gutted mate, good luck