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With the opening of the blockchain those who explore networks based on this architecture, we can find some pages that a few years ago would have been a utopia, this is my first writing and essay for

I was reading publications and some very interesting writings to get an idea of the quality of the environment.


I have about 10 years applying self-cultivation, in the north of South America, here the climate is excellent for Cannabis because of the strength of the sun all year round, specifically at the beginning of April, I have a lot of material to write about all this time in my contact and learning with cannabis.

This year I was able to cultivate 3 genetic varieties

  • Tempo North

  • Pink Thai

  • Cotton Candy

I think it was my best year and it is evident that the knowledge over time is very valuable and served me to be able to grow several plants and finish successfully, even to the correct date of cut.


The specific cut I have also studied in detail these last 3 years and then the curing which is also another science.

It is great to be able to vaporize or smoke our own herb cultivated with our own resources, to see it grow and develop until reaching its natural objective, the fertilizers that I always use are organic, because of the scarcity of products that currently exist in my country and because it is more economical for me.


Last year I was able to acquire a very good remedy to keep away a lot of pests and use this year with good results, I tell you about the seeds of neem, which has a powerful smell and I can extract the oil, making a concentrate that acts very well in different aspects when it comes to having a healthy crop.

This is my first writing is practically a presentation, I imagine how much fun we have when we are in front of the mantle of weed and that is why there will be many people who will agree, in this beginning and in my future writings.

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Wow - Awesome. Welcome to Smoke. Great to have someone from your part of the World joining us here. I am in Canada where we have a few short months to grow out doors and then the rest are grown under Simulated Artificial Conditions that makes me very nervous about whet we are consuming up here .... I mean these plants were meant to be grown under the sun and rain - not some Artificial Light Emitting Diodes chemicals and pesticides....


Thank you @offgrid the welcome has been luxurious, apparently there are not many people from my region in this great site, now that you mention that you are from Canada a well-known sent me some very good seeds from your country, the name of the genetics was Rock-star kush and the truth despite being indicates it turned out very well cultivation in my city but I had to bring more hours of light. I understand what you say I try to cultivate as naturally as possible.

Bienvenido/Welcome Dreadk!!!
Agree with you on neem being one of those natural wonders, growing outdoors it is a must, how do you apply it?


Thank you @lamanoverde for the topic of neem seeds speak in a next post, to talk in detail about the benefits it has for our plants and how to prepare it and how to apply it, that comes next.


Looking forward to it!!

Hey @dreadk, welcome to the network!
I see you have plenty of experience with cannabis. Please share your knowledge with us :D


Don't hesitate @z3ll it will be, growing cannabis is a blessing and will bring many interesting themes to this great community.

Welcome to the blockchain!


Thanks @Stoner

Welcome to smoke. We wish you a great time here and look forward to your contributions. Toke on. 🦇


Of course @unnamed I'm already having a great time in the welcome has been to remember her always, is ideal, since all this is recorded in the blockchain, thanks for the support.

Hola! Welcome to! It is awesome to have you here.. Do look around and explore the site..


@indaymers is excellent that my beginning here has been so exponential, I like very much that you have liked my vision so much, only in this first publication, I will have to maintain the level and that is a commitment that motivates me, before publishing explore the site for 20 minutes and I liked it, so I decided to leave my first contribution to be part of this community and I think I was successful.

Welcome to the Smoke family. We are happy to have you here with us. It sounds like your last harvest was plentiful and Rick in interesting buds. Will you be doing reviews on them? Tempo North got my attentionthe most. The name makes it sound like a Sativa. Is it a Sativa?


Thank you @zuculuz has been a great welcome, those crops I have been enjoying all these months, with respect to the Tempo Norte is indeed a sativa mountain, which grows as indicated, but she will speak in more detail in one of my next publications, there is much to talk about, the truth, I feel very comfortable in, the level of responsiveness has been excellent.


Yes, this is a very engaging community. I have more friends and followers on fb and Instagram but not nearly as much engagment like here.

Pink Thai? That I’m just dying to hear about. How can I find landrace in Thailand ... one of my bonus goal from this year until 2020


Regarding the Pink Thai I have a very interesting story to tell which I will talk about in one of my next post and I think I will answer several of your questions.

Nice one, what's your grow setup like for these plants? Welcome to the smoke network, great first post 👍


Thank you indica maybe the sincerity gave more strength to the post, about the configuration of cultivation of that topic I will speak later.

Welcome to the smoke network!


Thanks @lilweezy

Welcome to the family!!


Thank you @jessica for the warm welcome, the truth, with the little time I've been in have motivated me a lot and only with this first publication I realize the level of sincere support I can have and this gives me impetus to bring interesting writings to the community.

Welcome to this great platform and community!


Thank you for the cordial welcome.