How Much Longer Till The World is Sane Again?

5 months ago


How Much Longer Until Cannabis Is:

  • Used as a first line medicine in Healthcare
  • Socially accepted everywhere
  • Called cannabis instead of marijuana
  • Understood to be non-addictive
  • Grown cleanly by the majority
  • De-regulated

With All the Latest Changes in the World

When do you believe these events will take place? Within the lifetime of those on today?

Go BE Awesome!!

#legalize #health #sanity #deregulate

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It is coming soon. It will start with Hemp and CBD, Medicinal Cannabis, Therapeautic Cannabis then .... Recreational.....


That's what I'm seeing so far. It's coming in pieces though, and out of order in some cases. Some of the newer states have better legislation for some things. Especially using cannabis at work for medicinal reasons.