Smoked and go asleep... [overdose]

6 months ago

Yesterday I went to visit my friend.
Just got on time, my friend was going to smoke the buds!

The look and smell of this marijuana did not foretell anything special, but ...

I have not experienced anything like this in terms of impact for a long time, it seemed that, as it had happened before, it would never happen again in terms of the power of sensations.

When my friend fell asleep looking at the laptop screen, I realized that it was time to go home even though it was a day)))

Arriving home, I also immediately went to bed because I felt too stony to write any articles

...that's how it sometimes happens)

#smoke #cannabis #marijuana #buds #overdose

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A few days ago I had 1/4 of a gram of dark chocolate edible and it was one of the freakiest highs I ever experienced... thought I had died.


I am glad that you survived and could share your experience with us))


For the next few days I thought maybe I had died and I was now living in an alternate universe. And wondered if I had already died many many times.... how would I know for sure.


Damn, I want to try this chocolate))

Are you sure it was real cannabis?


Yes, it was dark green little buds that seemed to look completely unattractive.
When I looked at and sniffed it before grinding, I was even slightly upset, suspecting that the quality of the buds was not very good, since there were very few crystals on the surface and the smell of the buds was not sharp, though natural, spring!
I am sure that these were natural buds.
I tried synthetic thc and I think - it is evil!

I need to ask you one thing. When was the last time you ate before you smoked?


Damn dude, do not believe it, I smoke daily !!!
This has not happened to me for many years))))

Good night!


It happened yesterday))