Paint and smoke

8 months ago

Estuve acompañando durante una tarde a amigos que aman pintar y fumar weed desde hace muchos años.

I was accompanying friends who have been painting and smoking weed for many years for an afternoon.


  • Llegada al campamento férreo abandonado (el cual previamente ya habían pintado hace unos años como se observa en sus paredes)

Arrival at the abandoned iron camp (which had previously been painted a few years ago as seen on its walls)


  • Primeros trazos del boceto para la parte de la obra correspondiente a la rana y a la abeja.

First strokes of the sketch for the part of the work corresponding to the frog and the bee.


  • Disfrutando un buen porro.

Enjoying a good joint.


  • Los animales maravillandose con el arte.

Animals marveling at art.


  • Un adelanto de las pinturas correspondientes a la abeja y la rana

A preview of the paintings corresponding to the bee and the frog


  • Finalmente otro adelanto del muro más grande de la obra

Finally another preview of the biggest wall of the work


  • Un porro más en compañía de esta linda perra antes de irme

One more joint in the company of this pretty dog before I left


Faltan las fotos finales de la obra junto con otro gran muro que la compone y que compartiré en otra ocasión.

The final photos of the work are missing along with another great wall that composes it and that I will share on another occasion.




#art #paint

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Wow! Did you guys do all of the art there?!? There are some absolutely stunning pieces out there! I love graffiti art because it brings life to buildings, it makes them emotional. That's something that can't be said often about a structure. The bud you're smoking looks pretty good too! :P


Hello, I have made this article to complete, do you want to see it?

Your art really brought that building to life 👍

Doggy looks like he wants that doobie 😅