Vegas Vacation Daddy Daycare 2.0 Style

10 months ago


Daddy’s back, #smokefam!

Vegas trip was absolutely incredible! By far the best vacation my wife and I have had in our 17 years together (best trip I’ve ever had in my life!). From the time we landed in Las Vegas, we got the ultimate VIP treatment like we were famous or something (we aren’t 😂). Call it luck or whatever you like - we were blown away at how much love Vegas showed us.


Right off the plane and into Planet 13


We went straight to the Planet 13 Dispensary, which is like a superstore for cannabis. It’s like a department store for weed! MASSIVE place and 100+ strains of flower on the menu, not to mention more types of products than I can count.


I couldn’t resist the gorgeous Gelato strain by Virtue LV

Quick look at the Cannabinoids:


Started off the day properly... We left the dispensary at 12:30 a.m. 😆 with some 30.24% THC flower. My wife doesn’t partake in the fun, so I had plenty for me! I rolled a nice blunt and stunk up the strip on our little stroll.


The next morning we got the car... 2017 Corvette z06 C6 supercharged 😱

This car is insane! 650 horsepower, 650 ft/lb of torque, top speed of 200mph... yeah....

We had a blast driving around the canyons and meandering around Vegas. I did leave my mark on Las Vegas, literally. Signed in rubber.


I have some video up on my insta page and also on twitter, if you really can’t wait to see this machine in action! I’m still figuring out so bear with me until I figure out the best way to embed vids.

Insta feed HERE

Twitter feed HERE


I promised Euphoria Wellness of Las Vegas that I’d visit

My favorite local dispensary here in Maryland, Euphoria Wellness, hooked me up with a 20% discount for the Las Vegas location. We felt the love right away!


Euphoria in Las Vegas Hooked it Up! I ended up getting Tangy Tahoe #sativa #strain, after smelling EVERYTHING 😆. They even threw in a grinder and lighter (since TSA takes them before flying). They really did a great job of showing me all that they had to offer. Check out the goodies:


It only got better from there...

We went to MGM Park Theater to see Aerosmith! Now, here’s where things got crazy. We got to our seats up on the 3rd level (way up and settled in.

Suddenly, the usher, Arnold, comes over and takes us by the hand. He said “ok kids, let’s go. Christmas came early”. We were taken downstairs and into restricted corridor where a door opened and all of a sudden we are standing on the stage! At this point things were so surreal and my wife is crying tears of joy. Then, we were each handed an iPod with THX earbuds that had two mixes to choose from!


We got to stand on the stage and hear the same exact sound channels that the engineers in the booth were hearing. 😳 I was totally mind blown.



We got to enjoy a badass show from right on the stage! Up close and personal. What an incredible experience. They said because we were on the stage that the sound quality would be poor so they hooked us up into the soundboard channel with these amazing earbuds.

We even had professional photos taken of us and even better... here’s what they handed me on the way off stage...

TWO pairs of THX 1more earbuds 😱 and a bag with this in it... and look where we got to see the show from - first pic is from where we started and you can see where we ended up!

Talk about a sweet comp! They must’ve known Daddy is a passionate music lover 🤔

I can’t even describe what a great night it was. I have some video on my Insta feed HERE if you want to stay tuned - more coming.

My Gelato and Tangy Tahoe Blunts Made Lots of Friends

Even the LVPD and local security thought my trees smelled wonderful...Haha Walking air freshener with a hilarious shirt.. You couldn’t miss me.


I ❤️ Fat Blunts t-shirt always grabs attention...

I had more strangers than I could count who stopped for a photo with me. Nobody can resist the ❤️ Of fat blunts! Lots of compliments on the shirt but the security guard was the ONLY person who knew the origination of the shirt, which was impressive.

Plenty more to share but I think I’ve tapped out my bandwidth y’all

We had one helluva vacation, Smoke fam! I have two reviews to do on these Vegas buds... once I finish them, that is😉 Had to bring a few souvenirs home. It was a blast but it’s great to be home!

Stay Lit 🔥 Stay Safe #SmokeFam 🤘😎

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That gelato looks fire!!!! I am really dying to try some one of these days!

Back to reality brother! Hope you KING & QUEEN treatment continues!!! So happy to see people living their best lives!! Thanks for sharing!! ✌️


Aw thanx a million @potspoon! And likewise! I want to see more people enjoy their lives to the fullest. I couldn’t have had a better time and I feel lucky AF to have experienced so much in so little time. I have to say tho, East Coast has the better weed 😋 We are blessed with the best here in the DelMar area! Hahaha no doubt!


“Damn right I like the life I live, because I went from negative to positive.” – Biggie Smalls

#ifigottachooseacoastichooseeast ✌️

You did have so much fun in Vegas and the strain choices are superb with those nice looking nugs as shown above the description. I´d love to drive that Corvette. My dream car is actually a Gallardo Spyder in the sense that my maiden name is attached to 2 famous cars which is Mercedes and Gallardo ( Lambo)... Lol!

But at any rate, I see that you and your wife really enjoyed the fun ! So cheers to both of you!



If you ever go to LV, check out a place called Las Vegas Exotics. You can rent that dream car! They have a growing fleet and the Corvette is just one of many. I had my pick and I just had to go with the C6 Vette - faster 0-60 than a Mcclaren 650S Spyder and 2017 Lamborghini Huracán 😳 It was also the most ft/lb torque vehicle of all the super cars.

A real joy to drive and I really got to drive the hell out of it! Forever etched in my memory. Thanks for the love @indaymers! Maybe we need to plan a SMOKEFEST in Vegas 🤔 and get the whole fam out there for some cars n cannabis...LOL


Hahaha..that would really be a fun smokefest!

What an amazing time. For a movie!

That here picture. 🤣

AWWEE !!You guys look like yo had fun! Ive gone to planet 13 before but I used to go to the shop they had next to it (they shut it down) It was for medical peeps. Better stuff than recreational. But everything is almost rec except a few dispensaries I go to that have higher concentrations etc. If it is yor first time all dispensaries treat ya good in vegas but after, Ill be honest they slack. It can get quite expensive by the strip and if you get stuff on sale, its usually for a reason. Also that big thing that just happened with the mold and stuff found in the marijuana crops came from the dispensaries in vegas, also why I shop Henderson. Hopefully ya didnt get any of that! They have the brands listed online if you want to be sure. Looks like you all were by Red Rock. I love it there. Looks like you got some good stuff though! Enjoy the rest of your stay here in wonderful Las Vegas. I actually hate vegas, love the desert. If you lived here youd see why but the nature is beautiful. If you get a chance, go to the valley of fire by way of lake mead recreational area. Best drive ever!


The new Planet 13 is gigantic. They’re using about 1/4 or less of the building now, but they plan on opening a lounge and club inside. I’m a medical cardholder so I was able to get some slightly different stuff than the rec peeps and avoided the rec tax more importantly. Think I spent $56 on 4.5 grams of flower which is equivalent of two drinks in Vegas 😆

We are home already, just a quick 3 day trip is all we needed. Our favorite part of LV was the desert and canyons too. It’s so peaceful and quiet out there. Well, that was until I drove thru it 🤣 We cruised around Henderson too! Had a blast. We are planning the next ‘dip’ there already.

Smart way to do it is reach out to the places you want to visit ahead of time and let them know you are bringing the party to em 😉. Both dispensaries that I visited knew I was on the way and was taken care of pretty well. I also saw that pesticide issue before I went and avoided prerolls (which were subject of most of those cases).

I have to say that MD cannabis is better 😋
Never tried the concentrates in LV but the flower was all dry AF