Random Acts of Cannabis • Kindness With Kind Buds #randomactsofcannabis

5 months ago

“A friend with weed is a friend, indeed”

I recently saw a thoughtful act of a fellow Smoke contributor, @davedickeyyall , which inspired me. Check out his post to see what I mean! It also reminded me of a great memory of a trip with my wife about 16 years ago! It reminded me of two life principles that I follow:

  1. Be kind to yourself and fellow humans
  2. Everyone has something to offer


Photo taken in San Francisco, California circa 2003

My wife and I went out to the Bay Area of San Francisco in June of 2003. Just recently graduated from high school on the East Coast, we decided to explore the West Coast. I was a 17 year old hooligan who was something of a ‘rebel by nature’. Of course, I had to bring some weed with me and run the risk of arrest. It’s not like weed was plentiful in California..LOL I had no idea just how plentiful...

Upon arriving in San Francisco, I was literally asked if I needed weed on the street the first day. Not once, but maybe a dozen times! I already brought my own, but figured I might as well try some Cali bud. After being asked so many times, I gave into temptation.

I gave a street dealer $40 and he gave me a golf ball sized chunk of hash and a giant nugget jammed into a bag. More than enough for our 7 day stay, I had literally too much. I rolled a bunch of joints and even bought a vaporizer out there and a Sherlock to help get rid of it. It was some incredible hash, so I ended up bringing about 12 grams home! This was back when the risk was a bit greater and tolerance for cannabis in airports was tighter than a dolphin’s ass. Anyhow, I’m getting to my #randomactofcannabis, stick with me.

Then I met a really funny dude!

We were walking around San Fran. and happened to se a guy with a hilarious sign that read:

“Donations for WEED, Pot, Mota, Hemp, Blunts”

I knew immediately that this dude was worth talking to, so I stopped. I explained to him that I had no money to offer since I spent most on weed, hash and food, BUT..... I did happen to have some Maryland buds to share. The guy was really excited that weed had traveled across the country and he could finally get a taste for what we have on the ‘other side’. He really tripped out that he was able to sample something that has traveled 3k miles, right to his fingertips. When I handed him a joint I also tossed a nice nugget in his hand for later.

He lit the joint right there on the street!

Him and his friend had open containers, drinking in public. Then, here I come with a spliff and all of a sudden we are torching it on a congested sidewalk full of tourists.

We had so many people looking at us like we were crazy, but they obviously weren’t from California. How do I know? Two female police officers walked right by us and just smiled.

I let the two dudes enjoy the last end of the spliff and broke a little hash off in a one hitter for them. They both were homeless US Military Veterans, so I felt like a ‘proper thanks’ was the least I could do. What I gave them might not be much at all to you or I, but you would’ve thought I handed them a brick of gold.

I realize now that it isn’t about how much you have to offer, it is about the act of offering anything that makes all the difference. Anything is better than nothing in the material world. Some people actually have almost nothing. I had so little to give at that moment, yet it made a much larger impact than I would’ve imagined.

I met some really interesting people with great stories to tell, shared a great time, and was able to leave them with smiles on their face. These were people faced with hardship and the struggle of having no home to return to. To be able to see them smile and laugh was absolutely priceless.

Moral of My Story

We all have something to offer. Large or small, it all makes a difference. Cannabis is just a plant. However, it’s a plant that can create a bridge between individuals, it relieves, it heals, it is so much more than just a plant. Cannabis is love ❤️ and is meant to be shared with the world.

Have NO FEAR, #Cannabis IS HERE


When #life happens, just remember to LIVE.

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This is awesome!!!! But is that really you in that picture???? Amazing!



Yep, that’s me at 17! I look the same at 34, just older 😆
Funny how two kids can speed up the aging process 😆


Beautiful family!!


🙏 Thanks @potspoon
You should see this bunch in the morning...
Might change ur mind 🤣🤣

I can't take all the credit.. I first heard about the #randomactsofcannabis tag from @jonyoudyer


Well thank you and big Jon for sharing. Took me back to some great times today. I’ll be looking for ways to spread some cannabis love here wherever I can. Let’s keep this kind-train rollin 🚂💨

Loved that hashtag as soon as I saw it. We gotta give it some TLC and get out there.


I’m going out to Vegas next week so I’ll generate some more content! No shortage of weed out there and I’m sure I can find a frown to turn upside down 😋
🔥 it Forward #randomactsofcannabis
Shout out to @davedickeyyall for his post that woke my brain up.


Go for a tour, with camera, at planet13.


You got it! That’s my first stop after I leave the airport 😆
It looks like a Weed Walmart from the pics...friggin MASSIVE dispensary.
I’ll be able to get into the medical section for the real goods too, so I’ll def. be doing video.


@prettynicevideo lives near Vegas..


I’ll be out there end of this month
Driving the Red Rock Canyons

Inspiring story bro.


Thanx Bud!