I Think I’m In Love 😍 With Grassroots Cannabis

10 months ago


I’m not ashamed of this ❤️

As a matter of fact, I’m proud to talk about this company. Not because they pay me (they don’t), not because I’m new to cannabis (I’m not... 20+ years with it), and certainly not because I’m unaware of the products available in the market in my State.

Now that we know one another a little better, allow me to explain what might appear to be a shameless plug.

I just got back from the dispensary

I had to make a quick trip to Euphoria Wellness because they texted me about $34.99 1/8’s of a #strain called Firecracker, a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Needless to say, I’m on a budget so turning down $35 eighths is not happening. Especially when it’s hitting 26.6% THC with some beast-mode Myrcene levels / 5.7 mg/g. I needed a daytime strain it’s all the heavy hitters I have previously reviewed, so stay tuned for that after I check this one out for a few days.


Grassroots was there!

The dispensary that I frequent happens to be the main hub for Grassroots products, purchasing the most substantial amount of product. It’s no wonder why I try so many of their products - I shop at ‘the root’. Something I’ll never complain about.

I’ve tried quite a few strains by them and it is always top-notch. The flower they produce is THE TRUTH.


Since #Grassroots had a table on-site, not only did I snag a sweet deal on some tree, I got some stickers, a large acrylic grinder, and a branded chapstick. And YES, I inquired about employment! As I’ve said before: I am not affiliated with Grassroots, however, that could very well change in the future. Knowing what I do about the quality of the products that Grassroots is bringing to market, it would be nothing short of a privilege to work for the company. I really feel the love for this brand.


The lovely young lady at the table even showed me a photo of the buds that I purchased, prior to harvest. The coals on these plants were wider than the grower’s arm (and maybe thigh..lol). I thought it was pretty awesome to be able to see the production Firecracker, the product I have in my hand, leaving the dispensary. That’s farm fresh, right?!


I popped open my 1/8 & it was 2 Nugs

I’ll be doing a deep dive into this one, so keep your eyes moistened for when that drops.

The #nugporn for my Smoke.io buds


I will have some much better shots of this one, give me some time to play with it 😉

The Love Grows Fonder Each Day

I know how ridiculous it sounds, I am laughing at myself reading this....BUT, my wife and better half for 17 years will attest to one thing: This man knows what he likes.

Be safe, Be responsible, and Support #Legalization through thoughtful and responsible actions, and Represent what you believe in, no matter what you believe.

Daddy Daycare 2.0 signing off for the evening ✌️😎 keep it rollin’

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The nugs looked very delish that I would like to munch them now!!! .... hmmmm, so rich in trichomes! I love that!


I’ll be reviewing this Firecracker #strain for sure! It’s worth talkin about. Sativa-heavy Hybrid that I really enjoyed today. Thanks, @indaymers

Love those buds. Can't turn down such a nice strain.


It’s a real smooth, heady experience. great for inflammation without the groggy in-the-couch effects of a potent Indica. I find the high THC strains that carry high terpene values really can achieve the same result of high CBD strains or even concentrates. Pain reduces my ability to achieve and when I eliminate pain = I achieve my goals without being hindered or slowed down. The Myrcene levels in the Firecracker is truly what snagged my immediate attention. Well, that and the $34.99 special for an 1/8oz. 🤣

Grassroots is one of the few cultivators I know of. I've never been let down by them. This looks up to par to me.


There aren’t very many here in MD, maybe 12-15 cultivators I believe.
The first strain I tried was Garlic Cookies 🍪 by them. Heavy hitting flower at 33.7% 😳 deeeeeelicious too