Happy #Fryday Fam! Session + Here’s what I have planned for next week

8 months ago

TGIF (Time to Get It Frying) #SmokeFam, it’s #FryDay!

Let’s put the week behind us and enjoy the day. What a great week it’s been for #SmokeNetwork!
I’m going to mention a few things, 🔥 a little, then I’ll get you all up to speed with what’s going on next week.


We got to see this platform celebrate its first year! Happy Birthday Smoke.io 🎉 and THANK YOU to all of the Witnesses, developers, and contributors that keep this network running strong.

If you aren’t familiar with the witnesses, I highly recommend checking out State of the Witnesses compliments of @bbq-iguana.

This calls for a special ‘TOAST’ to all of you


Even to those of you across the pond and beyond...

Decided to bust out the double oven Haze 2.0 vape on a walk. I love that it had a lifetime warranty, but not how the company went out of business! RIP Haze Industries. ☠️ Celebrating the good times with the bad, why not?!

I filled both chambers since it is #fryday and all.

Chamber 1: Cookie Budder • 21.2% THC
Chamber 2: Chem De La Chem • 31.2% THC

The low-temp vape experience with these two strains combined really hits you in the good feels. Ho-lee-chitz there’s so much I missed combusting these and the flavor is amplified beyond anything I could achieve in a pipe or bong. But being #fryday and all...


Let’s Double Check 🤣 Ya know, for science

Here’s a little Cookie Budder with some Kief salad ‘dressing’ on it for a little extra kick in the goodies.


🔥 in the hole!

Rip 1Rip 2

That’ll do the job. Feeling much better already. What back pain? 😆

What’s Up Next Week?

Vegas Vacation, that’s what! My wife and I are taking a quick dip to Las Vegas, NV for a few days next week. So why does this matter to you? I plan on taking you all along with me! Since we will be going for only a few days, we will be going hard.

First off, my favorite local dispensary, Euphoria Wellness, here in MD also happens to have one in Las Vegas! And being the awesome crew that they are, they gave their favorite VIP customer a little 💚 for our trip...

20% off for when I arrive in Las Vegas! And it gets better...

Because the state of Nevada legalized recreational marijuana there’s a hefty tax on rec. products. Since I am a medical cardholder in Maryland, Nevada honors that and therefore I avoid that recreational tax. Hopefully, I can bring you all along for a tour and show you some goodies!

Daddy’s gonna do some driving!

I’m not much of a gambler, so I won’t be lounging in casinos much. Instead, I planned a little tour for the #smokefam. My wife, being the incredible woman she is (as well as my better half) decided to let Daddy off the leash a little...

We rented a 2017 Z06 Corvette (supercharged 650hp) for a drive to Red Rock Canyons

As a responsible adult, I’ll be getting silly stoned AFTER I test this machine’s full potential. Lucky for us the car has a PDR (performance data recorder) so we can enjoy some driving while the car records our journey with the built in camera. Did I mention it’s convertible?
With a top speed of 200mph, we should have no problem passing everything BUT a gas station ⛽️. Driving is a passion of mine since I was very young. This is something I have always wanted to do and I finally am able to do it. I’m excited to be able to share this experience with all of you as well.

We also snagged tickets to Aerosmith

My wife really wanted to see them and I’m more of a metal head, but I can appreciate any band that can rock out at 70+ years old!! Seriously. Gotta respect that. We’ll see if we can bring you along for that as well.

It’s going to be a busy week and lots of travel time - 2,400 miles+ each way. A 4 hour 40 minute flight (one way). I’ll have plenty of time to work on Smoke Content, so be on the lookout! Don’t worry, not all of it will be long form 😆. I’ll keep it boiled down with plenty to see. I will be hitting pause on my #reviews until I return, but the next one will be something special!

Happy Fkn #FryDay to All & Have A Safe’n’Stoney Weekend 🤘🤡

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Kief topping for the bong tokes, niiice - Sounds like you'll have a blast in Vegas, enjoy! :)


Oh yeaaa, can’t go wrong with the Kief mix. It’s a little of everything added into Sweeties #4 Indica. At this point it’s a concoction 😆

Thanks, bud! I’m super fired up for the trip and hope to find some high caliber trees to marvel at. Happy #fryday 🔥