A Broken Grinder Story (Now w/ 100% More Happy Ending 😁)

9 months ago

The day I dropped my Kannastor GR8TR was not my ‘gr8test’ day, to say the least.


I got the original version 1 of the GR8TR grinder in early 2016 and it became the most useful tool very quickly. After buying the storage puck and pollen press, I started gathering different micron screens to make the most of my tools.

What other grinder can: store your flower, has interchangeable grate-plates for regular and fine grinds, also has interchangeable micron screens that can sift your kief, AND stores a gram of kief or more, easily, in the catch? I know of one and it is this grinder, by #Kannastor.


Fast-forward 3 years to the day I opened the grinder and dropped it on concrete. Not only did it dent my gorgeous grinder, but so badly that it would no longer work! I really thought I was up the creek with no paddle. I decided to write to Kannastor support, if for anything just to see if there was any solution to the problem I just caused myself. At this point it couldn’t get any worse.


And then there was support!

I wrote a detailed message to support, expressing that I am a loyal customer who has made the mistake of destroying the best cannabis tool I’ve ever owned.

All Kannastör® products come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, any malfunctions resulting from poor workmanship, or normal use. In order to facilitate the processing of your warranty claim, please contact us at [email protected] and a representative will contact you via email shortly, usually within one business day.

I was aware of their lifetime warranty on their products, which includes wear and tear and manufacturer defects. However, it doesn’t cover human error, which is exactly what happened in my case. I didn’t expect the response that I got...

Within 24 hours of emailing them, I received a response!

They confirmed that the warranty does not cover accidental damage, but they made an exception for a loyal customer. The support team informed me that they were shipping a replacement!

When ‘Above & Beyond’ Goes Even Further...

That seriously came to me as a surprise. I couldn’t believe they would go out of their way to send a replacement GR8TR out to me. They set the customer support level a few notches higher in my mind, for sure.


The replacement arrived...


I was mind blown 🤯 how above & beyond they went...



They not only hooked up their most loyal customer with a replacement, but they UPGRADED me to the V2. I was shocked when I opened the box. I expected nothing, they were kind enough to send a replacement, AND they went so far as to send me the newest model!? That’s incredible and I am forever GR8TFUL to Team Kannastor for the kickass products and support they provide us with.


Back On The Grind!

See, I told you this had 100% more happy ending.
All of my quick-change screens swap over nicely to the v2, so I was back in the game just a few days after contacting support. I expected nothing and had my mind blown. Now that’s worth sharing!


Best grinder on the planet 🌎 second to none

It doesn’t get any better than the Kannastor GR8TR system. You’ll never need another grinder once you have this one. It is the ULTRA-GRINDER of all grinders.

👀 some 60 mesh kief if you have any disbelief... 😆


You can expect a full review on this 🧰

I’m more than happy with my new v2 GR8TR and have more love for Kannastor than ever!

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Thanks for reading and show me below what you’re grinding with!

Anyone using the GR8TR? If not, then why?? 😆

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Interesting experience with a great happy ending. It's great of them to support loyal customers by making exceptions for them. S great way to show support to those who show support to you.


Absolutely, well said. I was already a fan of their grinders but the customer support sealed the deal.

Their grinders look very industrial level for sure! Absolutely reasonable prices for the ability to swap blades and build it as you like as well.

Thanks for sharing, im going to consider these no doubt. 💯👍


I think I grabbed my v1 originally from 420science.com, they had a 15% off deal when I got it (3 years ago). I’m just happy they kept the modular screens and grind plates universal!! Some companies would’ve altered design so that you have to buy another model.

The dry sift that comes from the 60 mesh screens is excellent but I made a shaker out of my old v1 that has 100 mesh screen to sift it further. I would highly recommend the GR8TR for hash lovers 😎🤙

I've got a gr8tr v2, but I stopped using it because I was concerned by metal wear getting into my bud :(

It's probably just paint or something, but it led me to splurge on a stainless steel grinder instead. The gr8tr does provide a very fine grind, no doubt it's a good grinder but I want a stainless steel version.


Did you get the anodized one? I see they have a matte finish one as well, but I had no idea they were coated/painted. This one is satin aluminum and the grind plates are darker so if they wear I will see it. Never had an issue with my v1. My v1 was a champ for 3 straight years and I’m hoping to keep this one even longer...

No more vertical drop tests for this guy 😆


gutted your old one broke from being dropped 😢


yeah, it's like silver chambers then dark gun metal grind bits, the threads are shedding shavings which when right next to weed falling down into the chamber surely is getting into my herb? It probably doesn't get hot enough to be a problem, but it's enough of a concern to no longer use it :/


Whoa, I haven’t had that problem but I’d stop using it too if it were shaving thread into the herb. Mine get gummed up from kief but I toothpick it, no metal tools. Dish soap and hot water if I can’t get the soft screen out. It’s fine threads too so I’ve nearly cross threaded my old a hundred times or more. The thing I like about these grinders is they’re silky smooth and when they aren’t you know something is wrong 😆

That feeling when I dropped my v1 was the worst..haha felt like I earned a moron sticker if anything