What Did I Just Walk In On? So Turned On!

last year


13 Years Together

This is our anniversary weekend and of all things to come home to find I did not expect this in the slightest, wasn’t aware that she even did it. I was speechless, I only had a few minutes to grab a lunch and head back out doing SkipTheDishes food courier so definitely not ample time for helping the situation along.

Finding this platform couldn’t have come at a better time, this isn’t something I could see myself posting on Steemit.

I walked in on my fiancé masturbating, there I said it. All I can think of is how turned on I am heading back to work. She didn’t hear me enter the house and I didn’t announce myself very loud like usual. I hope I didn’t wreck it for her, all I could say was “what are you...... nevermind” and she replied with “you caught me”.

I really just wanted to drop my pants but I was way to dumbfounded to really do what I was thinking. Limited time, would have been good for me but I doubt she would have been satisfied or would it have helped?

Only thing I could really say was “Love You” and “Have Fun” as I rushed off to my next delivery, such an awkward situation. She was definitely embarrassed by it so to some extent I didn’t want to make it worse but it’s not like I will pretend it didn’t happen.

So I Ask

Has this situation ever happen to you, have you ever walked in on someone or been walked in on while masturbating? How about by your partner? How did you handle the situation? What did you think about it?

Being a man I assume that very few of us would be upset about the situation at all, massive turn on for me! Now will she surprise me when I get home tonight? Fuck foreplay let’s just fuck! That’s the dream isn’t it?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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I have seen her in your vid LOLOL


Yea shes particularly fond of being on camera lmao

Glad to see you on this AWESOME new platform !!!


I feel more at home here already, no judgement for the fact I smoke 😉

Politics on the Steem chain get my goat, thinking about you @jerrybanfield 😘