Time ... Sciatica ... MRI ... Cannabis ... RSO?

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28 days ago

Sup Smokers? Sorry, I’m not sorry for my absence 🤣🤣🤣 ... I laugh at myself because I can’t think of what else to do ...

I’m sure most of you can relate, the line between life and creation becomes a tedious one to walk when time -

To Spare I Have None

Not even my usual creation, but why? Good question ... terrible answer I have but amazing accomplishments despite the ongoing issue.

Tomorrow I go for a MRI for my back & hips, this sciatica issue has not gone away in 5 weeks though getting much better. Not an accomplishment just a statement.

Between religiously maintaining my condition multiple times a day, launching a home business, creating video content, and working full time I still find myself running to the limit. I am supposed to be relaxing but do I ever let myself? NO! At least not till I smoke a joint or four 😅


It’s the one thing that keeps me going yet I find it the hardest thing to write about ... I can write for hours about my feelings on different subjects or philosophy even but when it comes to Cannabis I cut to the chase ... smell + look + taste = take my money ... unless the name is on the bag I forget by the time I get home. Props to all of you that pull it off religiously even if your interests have moved from this platform.

I am still here ... may always be, we will see ... I stated I would give Smoke till the end of this year and make an assessment as things have been rough at times. Since then we have seen some activity once again. It seems to me that some of the most faithful of the platform have lost interest recently which then makes me feel it wrong of me to have even thought such things never mind stating it. For that I am sorry, still not for being absent but I’ll get to that!

Cannabis is an essential part of my lifestyle, I don’t function without it which I have written about. I am finding it the only thing I can rely on for my ongoing -


Recently my stomach started bothering me when I took any pills. I can’t eat sometimes and constantly forcing myself just for pills I would evacuate it frequently. I think this was resulting in irritation, stopped the pills and stopped the problem. Now the pains are kinda back even at work, just at the “reminder your injured” level when moving around. Trying to sit is a whole other story!

I wait for the scan tomorrow evening before getting further chiropractic work done. If something is actually “ruptured” then any force is bad force, how it came on out of the blue is concerning for the doctor I guess.

As of now I have been managing with natural solutions. Mainly cannabis creams but also edibles when I can get my hands on them as I am starting to get tight on funds between Covid and now being injured 🤦‍♂️ had to put down SkipTheDishes for a few weeks also which I have no choice but to work this upcoming weekend.

I have a new batch of cream from local, rather then a puck it’s actually spreadable. Very effective which I am going to have to repay the gentleman with some -


I grabbed 600ml or so of some 160 proof moonshine off my father and about a HP of inside trim from a friend 😅 I offered money but I think they felt sorry for my hobbling ass. I will be starting the process for that tomorrow morning also, I might get the buds picked out, trimmed, and drying before not being able to sit further.

It’s been a major battle and I am trying anything possible. @tecnosgirl said RSO really helps with the deep stuff which I have found the cream doesn’t quite penetrate and most edibles are not the “entire plant”.

ChemDawg & El Diablo

It’s a mix bag but it will do nicely for a batch of RSO and some butter in the meantime. Also the bud I have to smoke right now having just finished up a terrible last batch of some other dudes stuff I won’t even mention ... seeds & off flavour 😒 crap grower not strain ... this new stuff is the bomb.

Does good weed motivate you like I? Crap weed leaves me feeling blah on the verge of depressed vs having not smoked it feeling anxious. I always know by about half way through the joint whether I will enjoy it or not.

OH ... “Same Batch” he said ... MY ASS!!!

With this new shit I managed to get caught up on most things and focus again just enough to write the rest of everything else down. I launched a DTube Leader Node and have taken back up video creation launching me to top #6 spot in consensus. Furthermore I started breathing life into old projects again which means, hopefully, SmokeTube 🤞 I say that as if it will be a separate thing ... but honestly I would much rather enable DTube & IPFS embeds playable in post and hopefully get direct DTube -> Smoke posting 😅


Dream Big & Stay High

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Glad to see you back 💚


Thanks buddy lol never really went anywhere I was stuck on my back most of the time 🤣🤣🤣


ahaha 🤣

FATHER bless my friend and may your will be done and may the plans of the enemy fall short Glory to the king...thank you for folks with positive mind sets and who strive to be better than yesterday. help your son with the pain he's hoping to manage ..Do a mighty work. thank you thank you thank you in Jesus mighty name


Amen 🙏

in there with you buddy :)


It is what it is 🤷‍♂️ Stoked to be getting this appointment over with 🤞 they have some answer that isn’t surgery!