Thank You @TecnosGirl, Stoked With My Roach Sunday Prize ❤️

4 months ago


I recorded my unboxing yesterday and man was I surprised with the prizes I received. One was the magnet above and the other, the one I’m really pleased with and torn with how to make use of, you will have to wait for my video to see for yourself what I mean 😉

I have it with me now, already making use of it and you will see what I’m talking about in the video I record in the morning 😉 I think this gift may give my promotional efforts a little professional feeling edge 👌

Thank you again @Tecnosgirl, I won’t let yea down 😘

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When you forget what you send out. I don't keep a list I just open the drawer and pull out something. I showed if off before but I have a file drawer full of smoke swag I have had made, and I send out so much stuff I forget what I send to people most of the time. LOL When I saw this post I said oh yeah that is what I send, cause I forgot and I can't remember what the other item is either. Though I do remember sending you two items and waiting a week because your guess was so close and it looked like you were gonna win two weeks in a row so I waited to save on shipping. But I completely forget what I sent. LOL


LOL well it worked out for me 😜 now you get to enjoy in the surprise also ❤️ With seeing what I got I’m kinda curious what else you got in there 😉


Dang now that is a drawer! Good to hear your voice though 😅 lol the things I pay attention to 😅 YUP still glad I got what I did.... working on posting the video now 👌

She does give out the BEST prizes!!


That she does, I had thought about making my own swag just cause but I really do like the surprise aspect of winning 👌 thinking I may do up a hoody for myself though... will help for my appearance as a blockchain representative 💪

That's pretty sweet! Can't wait to see what you do with it! LOL


Wait till you see the second half 😉 I won twice and she sent both at once.... the other has multiple uses and I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to do with it 😅

How lucky you were...they do look really great 😊😍


Wait till you see the second prize 😉 super stoked about it!