MRI results are in ... now off work 😣

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20 days ago


Thought I Was Healing

I guess I am not. The doctor wants me off for 2 weeks most likely longer. Narrowing of the L5 causing impingement but does not look permanent. The permanent part was all I needed to know!

This last week I have been working hard on getting several things caught up but struggling to do so. My lack of pain is actually pain not being interpreted. Like I had thought it is all in my head ... LOL!!! As in I’m blocking the pain or the impingement is. Wrong movements still cause inflammation which is the very uncomfortable part experienced.

One thing I have been meaning to get going again is Think Like A Stoner. I had a lot of fun playing that for the CannaFest 🤪 we will see what the doctor calls for ... as of now I’m not allowed to sit or stand longer then an hour and no lifting or twisting at all.

Anyways time to do the first DTube Leader Node update 🤞 everything works! I need to blaze another joint first!

@d00k13 Out!!!

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Take good care 🙂


As good as can be 👍

Blaze on brother.


Er day lol now I don’t have much else better to do for a few weeks at least LOL