Happy Hemp Day Everyone 😏

8 months ago


Day 4 And I’m Pooped

Time has always been against me 😅 been using most of my free time for content creation going on 2 years now and I have never been able to get ahead of the ball. I try and may hold on for a few weeks but ultimately life gets in the way and I fall behind... put things down... pick them back up later 😜 like the #happyhempday of my content creation which usually afterwords I see them to the end of the week!

Video... I want to do video... I battle with time... preparation... research... LIFE...


Today I stopped at the bong shop for my promotional efforts after a long hard day at work and waited around and the manger who did not show up 🤦‍♂️ employee stated it’s common and I should try on the weekend. He took a couple cards and said he would let the manager know about it and see what he says and yea blah blah blah the weekend... getting annoyed with getting the same old over and over... like when going to hand out resumes and you know he just dropped it in the garbage after telling you the opposite 🤬 though many frustrations I do have good news!


The video I have is from yesterday talking about it showing that I took my bag prize from @tecnosgirl out with me, it added a level of professionalism... which I am obviously not 😅 I could name a million better spokespersons but I believe something is to be taken away from the fact I genuinely care and aim to express that. Anyways... I need to lay down so that video will have to wait and I’m not recording crap today!

My First Yes


I have been trying so many different dispensaries, I just found out about a few of the hydroponics shops around here and thought ... “why not” ... it’s obvious the dispensaries are going to be very careful with what they support but any other businesses are fair game! It levels the playing field back to a human to human conversation of what does this offer them and their customers and how.


When speaking to a dispensary I feel like I’m a dealer again, not sure if I can really explain the dynamic of the interaction I am faced with but I will try. The short of it is I get very limited responses from a person that is seemingly positioning him or herself for the best vantage. They have so many people(I assume) trying to pitch them products that scrutiny is their forte and here I am trying to explain I’m not trying to sell them anything! No we are not selling products to their customers! Yes both them and their customers can join for free. Which then I have to go through explaining how our platform rewards customer without selling products. Usually at this point I get a sense of defence, they are protecting their investment while I feel analyzing me like “is this dude for real” with a bit of that “he’s a nark” eyeball. So far each interaction has ended the same way, thanking me and taking a card then quickly walking away saying they will look into it. No judgement by me, they have a business to run and protect on the cutting edge of law but it’s bringing back bad memories.


Whole different response from this place making me wish I started here first! She was chill, loved the Camel on your card @grahamsvorten. The owner is all into crypto and she will get him to look into the platform while agreeing to put the cards up by the till 👌 I will be trying to touch base with the owner and pestering him more about how interested in crypto he is 😉


I believe it’s a great first location! When analyzing where I want to promote based on customer base I have to think about whom do we want here? IMO the dispensary is turning out to be far to much effort for more then likely limited detail NugPorn posts(no hate intended I do it also) yet the other cannabis related shops I am likely to reach home growers, producers, legal farmers, distributors, and most importantly those passionate about more than just getting high!


We all know getting high is enjoyable but it isn’t going to be aspect that sells anyone on the many benefits of the plant 😏 that will be all those other uses that even myself often consider secondary to just simply getting stoned.


On that note, doobie and bed👌

Have a great hemp day everyone ❤️









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Definitely agree. Grow shops are a great place to recruit valuable content providers.

Way to go.... I think I’m going to start writing Smoke.io + Logo onto all the frosty windows along the Transitway..... they all have that wonderful Dank skunky aroma at all the bus and Train stops these days. Everyone Is stoned...., I will take photos of my ice graffiti.


Definitely do!

The merch does open up doors sometimes. When I can openly talk about smoke, my spiel is spot on. You should hear me pimping out steem. I pimp out smoke too but because I am on the DL because of the plant being illegal and all where I live, I do what I can on the DL. But explaining how it works I am a walking advert for the blockchain.


Luckily I can be open about those things, does help yet the scrutiny of some is far over the top... many I talk to have the mentality that crypto is a ponzi still which a hard point to argue against as even our entire financial system is built on top of a intrinsic ponzi backed by our labour 😅 many Canadians understand that concept yet fail to see how the things we decide to use are the ones with intrinsic value 🤦‍♂️

I will get better at promotion but I’m going to avoid the obvious walled off individuals from now on, I’ll take the upper hand and leave them feeling that they waisted my time and no longer the opposite 😏

Go get em’ .......high


Gitterdun 👌

Happy Hemp Day 😊 Love the outside design of the Mr Fertilizer store 🙂 Enjoy your day and great post!


Happy hemp day brother 😅 lol previous reply was for someone else 🤣🤣🤣

Yea that shop is pretty wicked inside too 👌