And We Wait ...

9 months ago

Feels like we have been waiting forever ... but what is it you are waiting for?


Traveling endless halls, taking corners and opening doors each leading to more of the same ... when will we ever reach the destination?


Brutal truth, at least not till it’s to late. The end is the end. Only one end. That’s the end of you otherwise it’s a continuation of the same.

You wake, function(subconsciously), rest. Life. Everything else is conscious or interference by.

You, that part which can look within and identify itself. Not the body and not the mind. You think in the mind yet looking within to deeper places. Places not fully identified as within your body, but still within.

Pulling, enticing, completely capturing attention. A void not a place, with no matter but not a negative space yet one exuding it’s own force.

The end is of this...

fuck am I stoned


No choice on where you started. No choice on where you stop, unless your not cut out for this game. Your only choice is how you perceive the journey to the vaguely known destination. Perception dictates your reality. Perceptions can change.

You can choose to not change your perceptions. Time continues change either way, change will be greater with time. Change and time are...


In the end all we really have is what we leave behind. From lineage and memories to possessions.

I ain’t got much of either

Some people want power, money, or respect. All of which decay to time, leave little to nothing other then a tool behind.

What is it that can be left behind which will change with time?

Your Doing It Now.

Everything in this digital age is moving towards “The One” ... a force to which we see people loose themselves.

Where thoughts of the few influence the many yet we may never know we are of the few till the end.

#freewrite #waiting #philosophy #purpose

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LOL running witnesses for your boys. That's cute. "Lock-out" as an excuse. Even cuter.

We aren't going to have a lockout, even without the top witnesses AND the initminers, I've got over 30 accounts witnessing and supporting the network. The chain won't stall, but it's dead so it's not like it would matter much if it did. LOL. ;-)

@shitstain aka: @d00k13


Still have some top 20 witnesses active as well. I haven't shut anything down yet, but I'm on the verge, as this place is devaluing daily. LOL.



I haven't shut THAT many down yet.



Would be funny if enough witnesses went down for me to have consensus alone. Oh lord would we have some fun then. ;-) This place would turn around in a snap if I were in control. We'd be populated like a mf and have some big cannabis industry names and faces consistently engaged and interacting. The smoke team is a fucking joke tho, so the best they could do was clone a steem turd and then let it fail. LOL. Shame they think they deserve the stake they've got.


In all reality, there should be 0 initminers running, because they are supposed to only be used if we can't reach consensus (Which we can and have been able to for months and months now.) and for no other reason. The fact they're running is a violation of the agreement anyhow, but it's not like smoke gives a fuck about holding up their end of anything. LOL. One could argue that it's taking money out of their pockets and illegal since they should NOT be running, since we have over 40 witnesses active (Closer to 50, but I'm shutting a few down.) and have no need for them. This place is a fucking joke tho, so it's not like any of it can be taken seriously anyhow.

This is some pretty deep shit! lol. I question myself all the time in such ways. I think it keeps us on our toes and appreciating life, to question it's very existence and what path it will take us on from time to time. :)


Aye I was on a inward focus 😅

Yea it’s crazy ... started thinking that day what it would be like in a 100 years and references of today being used as examples 😅 of what my brain couldn’t decide but it was a trip imagining what a neural connection would be like ...

You just wrote my thoughts! Though I was more of having existential crisis lol! But clearly everyday it feels like I’m waiting for something.. but not sure.. and what is the end.. what was the beginning.. and all these weird thoughts 😅


I am glad to know of someone sharing in the concern surrounding the oddities of our existence 😆

... will we even know when what we are waiting for has come? 🤦‍♂️

I feel you, partially why I seek comfort with MJ and writing out my thoughts ... it helps ... it helps others knowing they are not alone and in that I take away some comfort from the very thoughts which plague me.

While we wait, we smoke 🙂😜💚


That is always the case LOL now it seems we all must have our own doobie though 😉



Thank you kindly 🥰

great writing mang


Right on dude ... was one of those moments I just let it flow kinda raw 😎