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Does anyone know if this still a active project, did we get scammed? Just wondering

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Last we heard in discord @Indica has taken on dev work and we should have a much needed update soon 🤞

Not a scam as you may still earn with curation and author rewards while having working means of cashing out though it has been stagnant for a little while now in terms of price action.

I wish I could say more but if you wish to see the success of this platform we need people to be active in curation and post engagement ... this is how you will maximize the growth of you Smoke Coins if not here for posting yourself.


I 100% agree. I'm really commited to the project and i know there are more people out there that feel the same way i do 😊💚


Smoke is great fun. I never hated fb so much as when i started

POSITIVE VIBRATIONS......YEAH.....GOTTA HAVE A GOOD VIBE.... ( Bob Marley) so,yes it's a cool network of great ,creative people. : )


I love Bob Marley 🤩💚


@cannabis Rasta....: )

Believe you only need to look chaos around other blockchain projects to appreciate how lucky we are to have:
A) Working and running platform
B) Great interface to blog
C) Great community ongoing (even if small for now)
Keep the flame going, pass the blunt, and be patient.
Believe in and that whole crypto industry has been in downmarket, chaos, uncertainty since 2018 or before.
I know fact many devs haven't had resources or funding like in days leading up to around 2017 for awhile also, and were doing work pro-bono on stuff like this.
In the end, long as SMOKE sticks around and keeps going, at some point 'things will pick up' .... especially once market/industry in general starts poking around more DPoS projects, SMOKE is in prime position.


Exactly 😍💚


@easyrider Excellent overview.


I agree 💚

Still operational


Operation and going strong...we just need more members and i believe the value of smoke coin can start climbing up. 💚

Active project for sure 😊💚


Not even, mr. alt. :-) Funny how dumb you tards are trying to still give the illusion that it is. No one's buying it, dumbass. LOL

We firmly believe in ❤


Me too 💚

Unsure still. But the person who wrote the wall here has mental problems.


Yea, that onelovesmoke douchebag really does. A fucking sociopathic fuckboy if I ever saw one! You got that right!

Been dead for a while now. What was supposed to make it unique in the first place was nothing but a joke because it was a steem clone where the "devs" kept a ton of stake for themselves to vote with and do other various things like cash out. It was advertised as a "decentralized" blockchain that was "censor resistant" and all that bullshit, but as we've seen, the reward pool is controlled by the smoke team as are the witness ranks and they have no qualms forcing new code that silences any given user based on tagging them as "spam" even when they are not. It's sad af.

It wasn't a scam, just a poorly executed attempt at a blockchain. You can still earn and cash out all you want tho, as there are still people voting/circle jerking.

Essentially it's been reduced to a small handful of users with multiple accounts, voting themselves and the other few multi-accounters here. People stopped trying to even give the illusion of activity and started to post just to get that roi. Honestly it was just a sad state of affairs all-around.