A quick update on the daily bro

last year

Hi smokeBros!!!

This is a post to let you know that we haven’t forgotten you.
For the past few days we’ve been having a few server related issues so we missed a few blocks but fear not!

We are currently brushing up on our Linux related knowledge so we can keep those problems and missed blocks at a minimum if not 0. :)


Also the last few days have been really hectic for me because I’m getting swarmed by chores at work so I haven’t been able to scoop-up a nice shiny post for you guys. The same goes for @SavageLion since he’s been working 12 hour shifts on his temp job between exams at college.

We are currently setting up a new workspace so it’s a bit crazy out there.

So that’s about it, of course we’ll keep on voting for your awesome content and run the witness server while we catch up on things so nothing will change, we’ll just be quiet for a few more days.
Thank you for supporting us and have a great day!

For those of you who are making great and creative content, use our tag #curationbro so we can bring your ideas to the community!

Smoke on!

If you would like to support us, vote for our witness @curationbro
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