A new year, new crew, new challenges

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Happy New Year SmokeBros!!

A lot of time has passed since our last post and even more has happened, regarding Smoke.io platform and our private lives, we’ve celebrated the coming of 2019 which announces new challenges, difficulties and a lot of work so let’s get started! :D

The last post was a mini-contest in which we asked you to comment below a movie title with one or more words changed to weed related stuff, a lot of you have participated and we want to thank you all and apologise because we are late so we are giving out DOUBLE rewards to everyone!

About our absence in the last month or so, we were planning to make a New Year’s celebration contest so you could respond with your New Year’s eve photos and a short story along but more text explaining that will be at the end of the post, this is the story how I celebrated the craziest night of the year.

I’ve celebrated New Year’s at my friend’s apartment along two other friends and our host’s girlfriend, we got together around 8 and started off with 2 joints and a friendly 1v1 DOTA 2 tournament. I lost all the matches but we had a great time. After the tournament our host invited us all to the kitchen for a big surprise…

A real wok pan and all the ingredients needed

After boiling the rice noodles we can begin throwing in other stuff.

Other ingredients were: shiitake mushrooms, carrots, red, green and yellow paprika, corn, leek, soy sauce, turmeric and ginger.

A few minutes later it was all done…

After finishing the tasty chow we forgot about all the technology, got the old monopoly game out and fooled around until the morning hours along some fine joints. All in all we smoked about 5 grams.

Regarding our recent absence from the network…You never know when life will smack you in the face and so our co-founder and friend decided to leave us for another project so I was left to run the account alone. Along that came the holidays so I took a little break from activities on the network. Long story short, I made contact with our friend who gave us the first 20k smoke who we mentioned in our first posts. Unfortunately this account was his personal account at the beginning and he gave it to us to use as curationbro. Maybe someday he will make a new personal account so he can use it for his activities. He used to smoke but has stopped half a year ago although he is still following weed related news, these are his words: Hi guys, long time follower, first time poster here, name is Filip (Philip for all you weird-pronouncing guys :D ), a Mechatronics technician by trade, gun and tech enthusiast by heart. Used to smoke a lot but decided to lay off the wacky tobacco cause it made me soooo lazy. (I’m certain some of you can relate to that.) Just started a new job in a big multinational company and life’s looking mighty fine now. Also Lada is not a car, Lada is a monument of Soviet engineering ! (Not related, just a saying my buddy used to say a long time ago...)


We are currently at version 0.0.6, we updated the version after our dearest @stoner sent us a message, since then we haven’t missed a single block, 19 missed altogether from the start. Currently we are ranking no.26 with 157 votes and 4 094 955 484 456 VESTS. There are currently 5838 accounts on Smoke network at the moment

#Curationbro tag

A big shoutout to all of you who used our tag while we were gone, this post marks the beginning of a new era for us which means we’ll be working harder than ever, making new contests with better rewards and interesting content for you guys to enjoy! At the moment there is a new contest baking in the oven so stay tuned, we’ll also be discussing it in our upcoming post, until then; stay high!

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Welcome back, hope to see you around here more often 👌


Tnx man, we'll be around helping the community grow as best as we can

Hello and welcome back! I was wondering it was quiet on your side. See you then! :-))