The Caribbean is a largely untapped market for crypto cannabis culture

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4 months ago

Cannabis is a way of life for many people in the Caribbean, if we could somehow get people here to make accounts on and start using it, maybe there's still a chance for this platform to become something.

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It just takes the right kind of marketing and some investment capital for things like Facebook ads and people will start flocking here in search of a place where they can engage with other cannaseurs worldwide.

Many people are sick of Facebook, I know I am, they and their censorship have annoyed me for far too long. Everyone on there is being treated as if they were 5 years old and completely incapable of having an opinion or making up their own mind on most subjects.

Fuck censorship!

I believe in the vision that the original founder @stoner had, even if he did up and disappear on us. I think Smoke is a great idea and people here are generally really friendly since, well, we're stoners.

Since I don't have a whole lot to spend I will be doing what I can, though it might not be much, I'll make a few flyers and start putting them up around nearby where I live. If I can manage to get even a dozen people from Trinidad to join Smoke it will feel like a real accomplishment. Especially if they stick around.

I think I'll do a simple flyer with a cannabis leaf and "Join Smoke.Io For Free, Get Paid To Talk About Weed!", or something like that... We'll see what happens.

What do y'all think? Worth a shot, eh? Ideas?

-Crystal Human

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Worth a shot ...sure.... keep up the positive vibes .🙂🇧🇴

Why they always calling trinidad last ?