Smoking Music!

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4 months ago

Baking and listening to my morning Reggae. Music is life!

I recently found this song "Ooh LaLaLA" by -Hempress Sativa and the bass hits so good. My neighbors might not enjoy it as much as I do but this song has a really nice melody to it.

Link to song

Another badass singer I found out about recently is Natalli Rize.

Link to song

I hadn't really ever heard too many female Reggae singers before but so far I am highly impressed and have been more than hooked on this new music! Nattali has another great song Ft. Kumar called 'Indestructible' which I also listen to on repeat once in a while. Link to song

Music is the healer. Stay Irie!

What's your favorite music to listen to while high?

-Crystal Human

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Reggae is the best...I just wrote about sizzla


I was listening to this earlier! lmao!

I like the vibes that accompany Reggae music. It always has good memories associated with it in my experience.


Absolutely, Reggae is usually pretty relaxing for me.