Noooooooo, muh dank bag is empty! :(

4 months ago

That two grams I got yesterday sure was nice while it lasted. Buuuutttt, I smoked it all... On the bright side, I'm pretty sure the weight was on-point this time. Of course, I had to behave myself but I managed to make it last about 24 hours! To some people, making 2 grams last 24 hours might seem impossible, I know the feeling as it's not easy for me to do either.

I really just wanted to roll all that dank up into one big joint and smoke a fattie. This not being able to have my own garden is really a damper on how much weed I want to smoke per day.


Time to go back to smoking B-grade, for now. At least it's frosty and is definitely potent.

One benefit to the cheaper weed here is at least I can smoke joints at a reasonable price. Bong hits are nice but I've always been a joint smoker at heart.

Back in the states I used to work on pot farms as a trimmer and would usually have my own weed growing somewhere so there wasn't usually too much of a shortage, since coming here though, that has changed a lot, there just simply is no way for me to grow anything here, not outdoor at least, and indoor equipment + the costs to operate it are just too expensive for me in my current financial position. :(

I really hope makes a comeback and people start buying up the token enough that I can afford to get some land and start a weed farm! aahahhah #dreaming but I will do what I can to work on making it a reality too. As I said before, I'll start making some flyers and leaving them around here and maybe get a Trini or two to join and hopefully grow from there.

#ReviveSmoke #WeCanDoIt

When you have an empty bag, all there is left to do is fill it.


Fill it up!

-Crystal Human

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Yeah 2 grams wouldn't last me that long. But I am told I roll logs. I don't like smoking paper is my response to that lol.


Definitely! Too much paper sucks! If I don't have enough weed to fill it I will tear some off for sure!

Ahhhh....the empty bag ...🙁 Crazy that you can't grow a few plants outside in such a perfect grow climate !


The problem is we don't have any space outside aside from some steps that lead to a street lol!

Great post. We have cheaper stuff starting at $79 / ounce at


It's actually not cheaper, in fact, that's about 2x what I pay. ;)