If you had a cannabis dispensary would you accept crypto?

11 months ago

Of course, you would! Amirite?!

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I just don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to have secure anonymous transactions. It seems to me that anyone accepting crypto at this point is going to be well ahead of the game once mass-adoption comes around.

It's closer every day, what with the US government and others making their move toward a cashless society. The downside is that people will be 100% reliant on computers to process their transactions, the upside is that if you start investing in crypto now, in my opinion, you'll be doing much better in the future than those who choose to fight the inevitable.

My crypto of choice has been Ethereum lately, even though gas prices have been a little high, it's still my preferred means of payment. I would love to have a dispensary someday that accepted all types of currencies, SMOKE especially. It makes me happy to see this platform seemingly doing well.

Long live SMOKE.io

I need weed money! Almost broke because of this lockdown! Anything you can spare is super helpful! ETH: 0x2f6174929f8AcE7AFFbe2d75FB8170D37B22bD10

#Weed #Money #COVID #Bankrupt #Dankrupt

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