If this tyrannical lockdown has taught me anything...

11 months ago

It's that I need to be growing a shit load more weed!!

Unreal how hard it can be to find weed in this country sometimes, I sure miss the availability in the US. Moving to the Caribbean was a big mistake as far as my cannabis intake goes, that's for sure. The quality is a lot lower than what I'm used to, though the price is definitely more reasonable. The biggest problem sometimes is finding anything of good enough quality that I really even wanna buy it.

I end up buying some pretty low-tier cannabis most times simply because the price is much more affordable and it's a lot easier to find. Real dank weed, if you can locate it, costs about $20 USD /g which is INSANE coming from Oregon, Hawai'i, and places where weed is usually pretty reasonable.

Luckily, we have some brick weed that came rolled up in tinfoil to hold us over until we can find something better. It's really not THAT bad but it's not THAT great either. One thing's for sure, I'll be growing a lot more this next season!

I haven't had any dabs since leaving the US 4 years ago, that's by far the hardest thing about being here.. I really miss my rigs and having sexy smelly concentrates anytime I wanted, once this dumbass commie lockdown is over I'm going to a dispensary and buying the best concentrates I can find. Hopefully, I can afford it! LOL

Times have been pretty rough lately since I can't work here legally and I'm forced to look online for employment, they closed the border in March and I literally have no way of getting out or finding work to support myself.

I am basically completely out of funds and going through a pretty major case of depression because of that and many other lockdown-caused problems. Upsmoking this post will help me out a little so I'd appreciate it if you do!

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. I know I'm in a better position than many people and have no right to complain but honestly this is probably the worst-off I've ever been and could really use some financial help.

Donations for the cause are highly appreciated!

ETH: 0x2f6174929f8AcE7AFFbe2d75FB8170D37B22bD10

Ps. I'll be making some cannabis art and posting it for sale on Rarible soon! Keep a lookout for my next post as it should have some nice original digital pieces!

#cannabis #art #crypto #smoke #lockdown

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I’m sure you can grow out some nice Sativa down there. If I where you I would check out a seed bank, for experimental reasons though, ;)

Some seed banks are crypto friendly as well.


FInding seeds isn't a problem, we just need more space lol but thanks!


Yeah i can totally relate! Well hope to see your grow soon, even if its a small one.