Greetings from Trinidad!

in #life
4 months ago

This pic is a couple of weeks old now but whatever

Getting baked in the sun! I love the beach! If I could live anywhere, it would be within walking distance to a nice big sandy beach with nice warm calm water.


Has anyone else been to the beach lately? Pretty funny how nobody at the beach here has to wear masks but then they tell you that you have to wear one everywhere else lmao

COVID-19 is a fucking hoax. Go to the beach. Enjoy your life. Fuck the government.

-Crystal Human

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Welcome to Smoke! The greatest all canna community! That beach looks nice about now. It’s 12 °F here in WI.


Thanks! I've been here for a while now, just haven't blogged much in the last year. :)

12 degrees! OOF

I definitely don't miss the weather in the USA lol

Hi there, welcome


Thanks, been here since the very beginning lol

We cann be friends :)


Yes, we cann.

not so sure 'bout the hoax man, try to visit a busy covid ward in a major city and tell that to the docs ... but still, feel ya man - stay safe, get outside and enjoy the fresh air just respect one another and distance until we get through all this!


That's the flu. COVID is non-existent. PCR testing is a scam.


I don't agree, covid is pretty dang real. Stay safe.


Unfortunately, I have done too much research to share your enthusiasm about the existence of COVID-19. There is a whole lot of great information to be found at places like where you can listen to several Doctors and Scientists who have been silenced/censored by mainstream social media/media, people who are professionals in their fields. Much unlike the lying "Dr" Fauci.

Check out This video

This is Kary Mullis, the creator of the PCR test that is being widely misused to create a fake pandemic.

I also made a post the other day with a bit of information many people are not aware of, here.


This was a pretty interesting exercise to do, right before the fake pandemic starts lol

Google Event 201, once you realize what it is you might start to understand what is actually going on a little better.