Are you too high to write a blog?

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4 months ago

Something tells me, you are. From what I can see, most people on here really don't put more than about 10 seconds worth of effort into making a post which is honestly pretty fuckin sad. Come on, stoners! Let's see what you got! Make something meaningful, put it on here so I can upvote it and not feel like I'm voting on shitposts just to use my voting power..


Seriously, it takes 5-10 minutes to make something worth reading, just add in a little effort and voilà!

It's no wonder this place is fuckin dead, most people on here obviously just want to get paid for doing absolutely jack shit.

Take note:

If you want your time on to actually mean something, make it. Nobody is going to want to stick around and read your 3-word bullshit post, honestly, if I wasn't such a nice guy I'd be flagging a lot of them. Not that my SP would do much but you get the point.

Pull it together! Don't you want people to want to join Smoke?! Put something on here that will make them actually want to come back!!


-End rant.


-Crystal Human

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Most don't care, so the place will likely die.


It already died but it can be revived! lol

The biggest issue we really have right now besides shit posts that happen. Is that sign ups are slow af. I stopped promoting the site till that is fixed. I have personally spend hundreds of dollars of Smoke Swag and even more shipping out prizes of smoke swag all around the world to people. Then I started to get contacted that people were signing up and the accounts still haven't been approved. So at this point most are not advertising as we don't want people to think our recommendations of a site is BS because their account isn't approved after weeks and months. I am working on trying to find out if it we can speed it up or if someone more active can be in charge of new account approvals.


the spam and shit posts will always happen no matter which block chain you are on, but the sign ups is what is really hurting us.


Had my account for years, I forgot what the signup process was even like lol