Weed Moments with Chrono - Calming walk

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9 months ago

Hey Stoners, thanks for checking out this post, as you guessed it, I have come up with sweet new series on the chain I am going to call it Weed Moments with me of course.

Forgive me I am Hella High


Right so moving along, this series or series of posts will be me posting Cannabis-related moments with my ever-growing collection of Bongs and Bong Accessories

I will also show my Flowers and also a growing pipe collection. At the moment I am using a sweet little Bong I made a post on it a couple of days ago. I need to get it cleaned out this Covid-19 BS is well just that Bullshit!!

Check this out, peeps!

This is my photo above that I took, this also means it's my weed!

Blockchain deviants, Just taking a walk and with some sun and like always some Indica! What a nice way to just enjoy Mother Nature blue skies and green trees and a nice railroad track to admire.

This image was taken by me and edited on the adobe account express app.

The way the image looks is how my eyes looked while medicated and just bliss.

Can you fee the calmness? Covid-19 is Hyped

Stay medicated

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Looks like you're going to have a happy peaceful session! I love nature and train tracks. :)


For sures!

You are forgiven. Nothing wrong with hella high! :P We could and we should all be hella high! It is hella nice! :)


Being Hella high is the new High moods

Amen ... on the fast track of life 💨


Word! You know being on those tracks I was not thinking of being there I tend to set my self to be one with Mother nature of course being baked.


Well the shot definitely give me the sense of taking off down that tracks as the buzz hits 😅


Vrrrooom! :) I stay on the fast track in life. It is best! Why be held up by inhibtions?


Cause I like being held high?

steemians? 🤔😂


I did say I was baked.