2 years ago

I have a burning question so, why do we turn into Socrates and question the subtle enigmas of life when we rip that nice bong up?

Well my Weedcashers, and smokers, it has everything to do with THC, That's right my dudes.

So listen up tokers, time for a quick Cannabis science lesson ya'll dig: Flower enhances neural activity in the frontal cortex of your brain yes the same one that you hold on too when some one is annoying you... or so I think it is, which is essentially command central. It literally handles everything from attention and problem solving, to personality and temperament, if I am right about that of course.


Well so when you toke up, the THC no not CBD, yes CBD has some* benefits but, THC allows your brain to form new connections and pathways that didn’t exist before,.,. WTF!, thereby guiding your thought process into enlightened territory, just like a monk in the mountains with his Mountain Goat.

Excited, THC “hyper-primes” your massive stoned brain, which basically means your word association skills go from average to amazing, and your train of thought goes chaotic.

For example, if someone as I said above a “Mountain Goat” when you were sober, you’d probably think of grass, fields, mountains, etc.


Well now if you were flame-broiled on some Skywalker or some Northenlights or something and you heard “Mountain Goat,” your brain would just start spewing out words based on loose associations, like grass, fields, mountains…Switzerland, Swiss Alps, Heidi, Heidi Klum, Seal.


Than all hell breaks loose and you become a time traveling expert.

You of course get the idea, alas back to my Sweet Sweet flower.

#cannabis #thoughts #canna-curate #weedcash #rant

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Thanks, I used your post to defend myself against some steemian that said something about me smoking and not having one brain cell left! lol


damn, just found your reply <3, @honusurf, right?


Yup! 🤙🤙

I think that is a universal question for every stoner out there including me