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2 years ago

Hello Smoke, Chronocrypto here.

I wanted to share a bit of why I have been gone, main one is to a family death, my sister is whom I speak of.
I decided to keep to my self and just dump my mind into a dole vast eternal hole. I could not bare the thought of my sister truly being gone.

I left my responsibilities from the real world and the blockchain. I am slowly coming back to my self and picking up the pieces I left behind, depression is real but I have to overcome it.

Moving Forward

As I stated I need to amend somethings on the blockchain and complete my obligations on here as well. I used to run WhaleD and SmokeD for the[ Whaleshare blockchain and blockchain. My server Provider out of nowhere shut them down I was running two witnesses and a couple of other programs on each.

Thus I was missing Blocks for smoke and WLS I woke up to this I scrammed to figure out what was the matter. As I said my server Provider shut them down with out notice.

At the same time I had a Loan with @neoxian and the account chronocrypto on whaleshares was put up as collateral. Might have been a stupid mistake but at the time of the loan I needed to catch up on the servers for both blockchains, I didn't want to power down my stake from either platform I wanted them to grow I wanted to keep both blockchains safe with the other Block Guardians. So I took it out to cover server expenses and pay my partner.

Not to Long after I got notice that my younger Sister was found dead due to an overdose....

At that moment my world collapsed into its self. My mind went on a disillusion that it had to be a mistake, that she cannot be really dead. I was like this for two weeks in disbelieving my own flesh and blood of a family member has passed.

I fell into such depression... I am barely coming out of it I am becoming more stronger and understanding it has happened and to move forward and to hopefully get a sign that she is watching over me.

This is not an excuse nor a cry for help, this is me coming back to again amend what I have broken.. I left a couple of people down and I left two wonder projects down I became a witness for these two because left meant something to me to build a place where we all have a say in its development, I am here now wiser and with a stronger heart. I will slowly gain my trust I know I cannot ask for such a thing as we all know Trust is hard to create but thin as a thread to break.

I do want to continue to become a Witness or block guardian as I came to name them. I want to also see about recreating RPC Nodes for both chains and if allowed by both community jump on as a witness once more to help secure and grow the blockchains. As far as I know There is no more need for WhaleD and or SmokeD I might be wrong but if I am please let me know what are your thoughts.

One big one is also the CHRONO Token I do want to grow that as well, I noticed many where bought I am coming the to the conclusion I will do a Buy back for the same price or I don't know yet. But that is something to think about and ponder its future.

I would like to apologize for the Smoke Blockchain and to the Whaleshares blockchain you are still my light at the end of the tunnel, but if you accept me back as a community member I will promise to continue in helping grow each chain.

One of the persons I would personally apologies is @neoxian for being tough on me and in helping in the loans and the many forgiveness and extensions given in this ordeal. As I discussed you are my biggest obligation that I dismissed you, I still have that loan that must be paid off, I would like to say thank you for the many chances you have given me, rest assured I will keep my side of the deal.

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PS: neoxian is even not a member here.

Hey bud,

Good to see you back. . . I got a Dapp idea if you wanna hit me up on Discord when you feeling better. . . Perhaps keep things light for now, don't worry about running a full RPC until you able to create some sustainable revenue and get all your ducks in a row.


Wow that Chrono Token sounds awesome!