Bitcoin Head Shop

last year


Chronic here to check in after I just left my favorite head shop. Had to pick up some essential smoking accessories. You know just a couple blunts, some papers, filter tips and of course some bitcoin.

As you can see the advertise bitcoin out front. When you walk in you are greeted by a btc atm machine. I would have snagged some photos but they frown on that inside.


Anyone else have a btc atm at there smoke shop?

#bitcoin #headshop #smoke

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Bro, did you ask them about smoke?

It's called smoke too


Sure appears to be the place to buy #Smoke.


Yeah they really aught to be told about the smoke network :D

Hahaha I totally know where this place is. I been meaning to tell them about!

It would be cool one day to buy smoke in a smoke shop with smoke.


one day.. 🤞


Fingers crossed for a better future. A future when a stoner can use stoner earned money to buy more stoner things🤞🤞

this is awesome!

It tears my heart to see that because we don't have one here ..when,when,when,? :D