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Hi whalesharian

I am very well hope you are doing great. Today i am going to discuss that what is benefit if we believe in ourselves. Often people believe in destiny. Even i believe in destiny. Whatever written in destiny it will happen definately. But do you know that who wrote our destiny. Our destiny of course wrote the master of whole world. I mean god. 

If a person think that i can't escape from my destiny and it will happen whatever written and in future he don't do anything. I wanna say that person he is wrong. God wrote our activity what will we do? 

Suppose a teacher guess about his weak student that he will fail in final exam. If that Student fail in exam then he can't blame the teacher that you guess i will be fail that's why i failed. Every wise person will say that the teacher only guess about you and you failed because you preparation was bad. 

Just like this god only wrote we can't blame because god have knowledge about everything. If we believe in ourself then everyone believe us. Believing in ourself is great thing. We should keep in mind that we can do anything the definately we do. If we change our mentality our life and thought will be change.


Some quotes could be found below.

"Don't miss any chance."

"Everything is not yours whatever you've use it."

"Do something but unique."

"What is ours after death everything is others."

" nothing is special we have to make special."

"Whole life we've to learn because everyday we see new."

"What is love? I think anyone care you it's call love."

"Your success is waiting for you, try & get."

"Different people different need but one is same, that is love."

"Don't try to get only jobs, also try to get your dreams."

"Broken friendship could be repair but always it will show."

"I am losing everything, first my age."

"Face beautiful is not beautiful, actually character should be beautiful."

"Dream never comes true, if dreamer sleep."

Thank you so much for reading my post

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Hi whalesharian

This is not whaleshares. Sorry to say but I suggest you stick to that platform as your content is not exactly suitable here.