Hi! It's me ch33ch arrived on Smoke.io

in #life
last year

ch33ch is here

Hello Smoke.io Community

After looking at this platform for some time, I've now decided to write my first article here. I am a graphic designer from Germany. What exactly I want to do here on Smoke.io I don't really know yet. I think I'll provide you with some cool and fresh graphics, for the beginning. Otherwise I've already thought about setting up a Witness Server to sign your horny sexy blocks.

Thanks and see you soon
Smoke on Dudes 👀

If you have any questions - feel free to ask me

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Welcome to Smoke! Hope you will have a great time here.

PS: geile doesn’t translate as well in English. Or maybe we should just try to make it as popular in same use case as in German. 🦇


Thank you @cannaweedness.

Hahaha, yes that's correct. There is no nice translation into English for geile, you're right. I edited it in the post :-D

welcome mate!!!


thanks mate! <3

Hey.... welcome to Smoke.io We love #nugporn here .... and stories about how you smoke, what you smoke, when you smoke, why you smoke and what it all feels like..... and if you don’t smoke we like Cannabis art that we can share on Twitter etc.

Welcome to the best CANNABIS community around


Thank you! i will check that out here. For the first View it's an amazing Community and Concept.



Thank you @anonimous