WTF is Charas?! ⚫️ A short visit to Parvati valley ☀️🌳 - the land of freedom, mountains and the holy Charas ⚫️⚫️⚫️ Part 2

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Hello again,

So on the previous chapter of this series, I've started to talk about Charas, what it is, and why it is special compared to "regular hash".

For those of you that missed the first part you are welcome to give it a read here:
A short visit to Parvati valley ☀️🌳 - the land of freedom, mountains and the holy Charas ⚫️⚫️⚫️ Part 1

The uniqueness of this substance is that it usually made from living plants.
They can be recently cut down or still planted in soil (the version I like more)...and it takes the whole day to collect about 10 grams of this quality smoke.

It is similar to more commonly known hash, in the sense that they both made from cannabis resin mixed together into solid, dark matter.
The resin are actually the "trichomes" of the plant - a little bubbles of awesomeness that contains most of the active components, the cannabinoids, led by the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

So as i already mentioned, instead of collecting the trichomes by sifting, shaking, pressing, using dry ice, or butane or any other method used for hash extraction, when preparing Charas, the trichomes are collected manually - directly from the flower, while its still on the plant.

The resin is collected by rubbing the plant between the two hands, the resin then sticks to the palm of the hands.

As a result of such a collection method the final product is much softer then most of the hashes and usually considered more potent and pure.

Since the preparation of Charas requires quite a bit of live cannabis plants, it's considered more valuable and therefore more expensive.

Now there are various kinds and qualities of Charas, and the main classification are its Origin (usually within Parvati Valley) and its "Cream rating".

It's important to mention, that a good chunk of all the Charas in india originates from Parvati Valley, for sure the highest quality ones do.

So the aforementioned "Origin" on the charas is basically the name of the little town, within Parvati Valley that produced that specific one.
So Charas made in Tosh (a small town in Parvati Valley) will be called "Tosh cream", and Charas made in Rasol will be called "Rasol Cream".

** Image Credit: Mywanderlust

The second definition is its "Cream grade" - from my understanding talking with the locals, the options are : "First cream", "Second cream" and just "Cream".

The first cream being the highest quality, meaning that each plant was only 'rubbed' once, avoiding any leaf matter thats starts to come off together with the trichomes with each subsequent rubbing.
This cream is of exceptionally high quality and potency, and a proficient Charas maker can only collect about 2-3 grams per day.

The second cream being the resin that collected after several subsequent strokes...and the "Cream" means basically all the rest, that can vary in range quite a bit.
** Image Credit:

Most of the Charas originating in Parvati Valley is of high quality, but the one that is renowned the most is "First Cream Melana", that originates from a small interesting village in the north of the valley called, yes you guessed it right...Melana

It is a very isolated village at an altitude of 2,720 meters above sea level and it can only be reached by foot, on a curved and mountainous route of about 18 kilometres.
There are about 600 people living in this extremely closed community and its members marry among themselves.

I can write a whole post about the “untouchables” of Melana, as they are very interesting community (tribe?), but for our purpose lets say that they are arguably the best authentic Charas producers on earth.
And their First Cream Charas can reach quite hefty prices.

The Charas produced in each one of those town is slightly different in color, texture, aromas and of course the High.
Nagaru Cream
Grahan Cream

Waichin Cream
Tosh ball

Just like any other kind of Hash, you can smoke Charas in a joint or a bong, but the most traditional form of smoking Charas is with a Pipe called “Chillum”.

Chilom is an Indian clay pipe composed of two parts - a long, hollow pipe and a long "stone" that sits inside.

To help filter and cool the smoke, a small piece of wet cloth is usually wrapped around the mouth of the chilum, while the Charas mix is loaded in the space between the pipe and the stone.

The principle in Chillum is to light a lot of material at once, so that all the oils in the Charas will light up and create thick, extra-dense smoke.
In order to prepare the “load” for the Chillum, it is customary to make small balls of Charas with the fingers , and not to heat it.

My last visit there was a bit strange and to be honest perhaps a little uncalled for, as i just had a multiple fracture surgery on my leg, and going right after being released from the hospital straight to the mountains of Himalayas is not as great of an idea ;)

But as its gets very late, and tomorrow is a whole new crazy day, full of stuff to do...i will leave it for the next chapter of this series about Parvati Valley, where i will share what happened there, that 1 year later gave me my Medical Weed License.

So stay tuned ;))

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That's so cool, I would like to try some of that 4-sure!


Wow, looks attractive and a great adventure from you


Yeah was pretty awesome, untill i smashed my self and broke a few bones...;)


Thank you man...thats for sure some good stuff.
We should make it an official substance of Lord of the Cannabis land ;)


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Ohh man I hope sooner then later!
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I really want to visit SA in one of those days...that a corner of the world i havent checked out yet...still glorifies my adventure bucket list...

I see some chillum sharing in our future my friend...just gonna get those damn coins so i can get my self the 2000k flight tickets * 4 , lol

Thanks for the education


Nahhh no education here man, just a stoner writing about his passion ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Excellent layout my friend, love it!

I went to school in the Himalayas. I hope that soon- once I am able to live off blogging after the cryto mooning, I'll go back to India and live up in the mountains for a while - just rent a room and chill for a few months in the rarefied air. Last time I was in Manali was as a kid, in 1983, when we went on a hiking/camping trip from school.


School in the Himalayas must have been a blast, what did you study there?

You dont need the crypto to moon that much to be able to live up there in the mountains, its not a pricey lifestyle but valuable nevertheless.

To be honest it is one of my wishes as well, to have a little house there, to be able to come for a few month everynow and then, breath, chill and smoke with this magnificent mountain (my favorite mountain)...all we need is crypto moon ;)


Ooops, cross-Atlantic misunderstanding re. 'school'. I meant 'high school' lol. Age 9-17.

Yeah man, that's true and in a year or two (by which time I might be able to do it), I'll be more settled within myself and self-sufficient, thus better able to approach the Magnificence of the Mountains as a unified being in my own right :).

In the meantime, I'm skipping out of the Matrix for a while.

Hope you guys are getting some sleep and rest and that all are well!


That is absolutly awesome ask your self what exactly is awesome?! ;)

Everything is man ;) the fact that you studied in india (be it in highschool or kindergarden - india is a lifelong school ;)), or your saved-by-the-bell (skype) wales non-adventure....or the fact that you are going to portugal, to a huge place in the middle of nowhere....all that is amazing ;)

I gotta admit i am abit envy, miss that life...gotta go back to it sooner then later!

Good luck on your journeys my friend, i hope you find what you looking for there...and if you find some cheap land with some great opportunities there, give me a poke ;)
Portugal was on my "escape-the-rat-race" radar for a while now...

Peace brother...gotta admit, reading your post made me feel like i know you a little...perhaps alot...

Peace brother..

And yeah the babies and the mom are just fine....sleeping blissfully...


Thanks bro!!!!!!!

Portugal defo seems to have a lot of the 'escape-the-rat-race vibe about it - and you've sensed that too, fantastic! I'll be volunteering on just such a place as you talk about - it's owned by a couple who felt drawn there and bought 6/7 acres with old buildings to renovate only a couple of years ago. And there are lots of others doing similar things, lots of communities and alternative lifestyles. I intend to explore, and hope to keep blogging about it (mainly on Steem, though I will explore Portugal's relatively lax 'drug' laws too and post here lol).

As for India, yes indeed, life-long education that spans life-times and universes :D ....... your love of India is vibrant! I've always considered my particular halves to be Scotland = head, India = heart.......and I'm working to unify the two.

Great you followed up on that link. Always had good vibes from you, right from your intro post - love your style, your energy, your expression - peace and much respect to you too brother, and continued bliss all around!

Jamaicans also produce charas instead of hash. My favorite part is the chillum part as I'm a collector of pipes and the photo with the varieties of hash and charas produced around the globe. I don't know if it's your photo but I'm downloading it definetly.

Very interesting article
Very cool gifs photos
I'm going to do the same thing the other day
I rub the grass every year. but your photos are very exotic
Thanks for the interesting article.