Thursday Vaping with some BHO - An awesome 🎁 present for some stealthy smoking...💨

7 months ago

Hello everybody how are you doing today?

Unfortunately my time is really running out very fast, I think i need about 36 hours per day and I need to stop eating, going to the toilet, and cut my sleep to about 10 minutes per day...just to be able to cope with all the stuff that i need to do...

I am suppose to be a stoner...WTF is wrong with me?!

But I guess that's life, it ain't easy, there are always challenged, its part of the...well...the living process.

I cant even imagine how is it gonna be in about 3 weeks (or less) when the new baby comes...I truly don't understand how can i possibly make more time, more things to take care of when it is already packed...

But we will see, I am sure it will all clear out very soon...or we increase the smoking dosage :))

Any how, I got a very nice present today :)

A friend of mine just finished making a fresh batch of fresh Rosin, or Hash oil...or whatever it is called nowadays..

And being one of those Vaping enthusiasts he then made an E-Cig liquid out of it, so he can have his rosin on the go in a very stealth mode.

Being such a nice friend, he decided to get me my own little Vape pan loaded with his product.

It is not one of those fancy Vapes (I have about 4 of those lying around) , it is actually very basic, but small enough that i can actually carry that around without feeling like i have a gun in my pocket.

And it has a few operating functions, that can control the temperature of the ceramic heater.

But the most important part is that it is preloaded, with some high quality stuff...
I know it is not as big of a thing in some parts of the US, when you can simply go into any dispensary and by 50 different kinds of dubs, rosins and so many other things...
Here it is a bit different, hard to get those special stuff and you can only find it on the black market for very high prices...

So getting a present like this is always very appreciated :))

Apparently the E-Cig juice is very easy to make, especially if you have your concentrate premade.

All you need is a "Base liquid" that usually consist of different ratios of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.

It can easily be made at home, but from my understanding it is better to get a premade product as homemade stuff tend to have separation problems between the two substances.

So the base liquid, is ultimately an unflavoured, zero nicotine e-juice, that comes already premixed in a ratio like 50/50 or 70/30.

Then you will need your extract, be it Honey oil or CO2 or BHO, any one of those high quality extracts will do..

Simply mix it up on a low heat source with a ration of 2:1 (liquid:concentrate) and load it up in you Vape or store it for later use.

It can also be done with dry flowers, Kief or even Hash but that will take a bit longer as you will need to make a concentrate first.

The taste of this stuff is very pleasant, and there is barely any smell at all, so it is very stealthy and doesn't leave smoking smell on your clothes once you done...

Love it...too bad it is not as easy to get...

I also started to germinate a few new seed ;) ;) so i hope soon I will have the supply to make it my self (wink wink).

Have a smokin rest of the day/night you all..


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"The biggest killer on the planet is stress, and I still think that the best medicine is and always has been cannabis"

Willie Nelson

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing...!

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Exactly.. you speaked my heart.. I too feel 24 hours is not suffucient for me , i feel we should have a bit more lol! but in vain..Incredible gift must say and hope i can see more from the planting process as well :)


Yeah time is not in our hands, always so slippery ;)

Though if we actually had more, it would probably not be enough as well...this is sort of our nature :)

Yeah the gifs is nice, loading it like this in a vape and not simply giving me liquid i will not have much to do with, is very consudering of him :)

Regarding the planting sharing , yeah i hope so, that still a bit problematic due to legallity issues, as i cant really grow, but lets see how it goes (the seeds were a bit old, i hope they germinate).

Thanks for stopping by, @razeiv


Exactly, the human nature yea.. Oh.. i dint know that.. Well mine country is the same as well, i mean can't grow openly, can't smoke openly, can talk about weed openly .. a compressed cannabis life but some of us had found some solutions.( risky though lol!)

And i hope too that they germinate soon :)

It is a great pleasure to stop here for some minutes of my daily life :)

Great post, @carpediem!


Thank you very much Ser, your feedback is much appreciated!

Me and my friend here are very happy :)



Yeah that is very unfortunate, it doenst last that long at all :(, i have just a few last tokes left...editing gifs for consumes a lot of VAPE-POWER, i need to power up! ;)

Man even though I live in a black market I forget how lucky I am to have easy access to stuff like this. Nice giffs!


Yeah man, its how i feel when i get my monthly medical friend look at me so jealous :))
When they need to pay crazy prices for some basic nuggets...that probably would go to the "hash bin" on any proper clipping sesh...

But concentrates are not as popular here (yet)...usually either made in small quantitiea or imported, also not in big quantities.

Good article
I also have a Vaping
But liquid with konbis, I have never tried.
Happy for you..


Yeah its very easy to make with the regular ejuice, and actually very nice for the late night indoor smoking (when the whole house is asleep and i dont want to go outside), no smell, no smoke...just nice buzz ;))


I agree.

Good post Ranger, pack your vape, things are getting crazy in Middle Cannabis Earth.


Thank you Ser, my vape is packed, got some magic mush and my sword :)


You're on your way to claiming your throne and cannabis kingdom:)


Can't wait...! We shall have an awesome kingdom, tax will be paid with weed though!


I'm in!