Saturday Chilling ☀️ 💦 🌄 - Plans are of Little Importance, So I might as well enjoy it....😎

7 months ago

Hello friends, how you all doing this weekend?

I been having quite a chill Saturday…

Were planning to do some work this Saturday, although i don't really like working on weekends, but being an inspiring entrepreneur, it is often is required...i have tons of stuff I need to do that i simply cannot find the time to do during the week..

But plans changed the moment I rolled up my first joint…

The summer is shining, the weather is beautiful...and the baby is not really into sitting with daddy and working on some automation sequences for his new website...she wants to party...she wants to live life to the fullest :)

So instead of work...pool party it is :))

My partners family (or shall I call it a tribe) are getting together at a small town pool to have fun and splash with the babies...her family had a huge surge with regards to babies in the past couple lots of those baby gatherings recently..

Although it was not my first choice for my Saturday, I am sure it will be fun…

Time to smoke a pipe for the road...roll myself a few take-away joints with my Alaska Strain and hit the road.

Pipe loaded and we are good to go!

There were many people, lots of interaction, some swimming, some splashing and lots of baby job is done here.

Its 16:20, a perfect time for my final smoke here, away from the crowd...and then time to head home…

Have a great weekend you all..

And make sure to enjoy life to its fullest, even if it means doing something as simple as laughing with your child or with your loved ones…


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Happy weekend to you! Seemed you have enjoyed your weekend and that is uber important to do it with your loved ones... I like the bowl you have, looks pretty to me! That reminds me,,,I might get myself a new one these days.. hubby snapped the first one I got. Cheers!


Thank you very much! Have a great one yourself!

Yeah saturday as very nice, got some family time, some smoking time even had a chance to have a nap (that like jackpot for me), so all summed up i give it 9/10 :))

Yeah I like this pipe alot, both functionally and visually, but i seem to loose it like twice a week, so rarely get a chance to smoke with it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Babies are clever, they know what is the best options lol! The pipe is really classy.. Happy weekend mate :)


Thanks man.

Yeah the babies are very very clever! They know exactly what they want (their brain is not yet messed up with all the options), and they know exactly how to get it (it usually either laughter or crying :) )/

Have a great rest of the weekend!


That's the reason we love them haha!